Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2 – How to get past The Garden of Salvation? : Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 devs never cease to disappoint its fans. With every new exotic weapon, they bring along a series of ever-challenging quests and raids. The Divinity Quest is no exception. Though the exotic raid rewards you with Arc Trace Rifle, you seriously got to work pretty hard to make it till the end. This challenge is knotted with Shadowkeep’s raid and Garden of Salvation, raising the difficulty stakes even higher. Make sure to read this article till the end to know everything about the Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2 and How to get past the Garden of Salvation?

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Here’s how to get through the Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2

Well, getting through the first part of the challenge is quite manageable. You pass through the Lunar Battleground in the Moon Patrol part and clear out Vex enemies to beginning the Quest. Next, you interact with the three Oracles in Lost sectors of Nessus, placed at The Orrery in Artifact’s Edge, Ancient Haunt in The Tangle, and The Conflux in The Cistern. For the next step, you have to collect 120 Decryption Core Fragments and 30 Phantasmal Fragments. After you complete this, you reach on to the crucial part of the quest.

Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2 - How to get past The Garden of Salvation? : Destiny 2

The devs made sure that only after you complete the Garden of Salvation magnificently will let you win the incredible Rifle. We’ve got you. Here’s a complete guide on how you can get past the Fuzzy Puzzle Challenges of the Garden of Salvation. Make sure you complete this in ONE go alone and have a backup of 6 players in the raid team.  So let’s get into it.

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PUZZLE 1 – The Garden of Salvation | Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2

Get going in the raid with your team, turn around, jump off the cliff to find the secret tunnel under the entrance, and interact with the node to initiate the first puzzle. “INITIATED: Security Bypass protocol” message will pop-up on the left side. The first puzzle is before the first encounter. You’ll have to go up the big staircase leading into the open and turnaround to spot 2 cloves.

Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2 - How to get past The Garden of Salvation? : Destiny 2

The goal here is to chain the start of the Tether Mechanism from left to right. With the help of 6 players, placed 3 on the left side of the alcove and 3 on the right side aiming for the zig-zag pattern will surpass this challenge. Starting from the left alcove, chain tether from player one to two, two to three, and so on till the six and drop the tether into the node. You’ll know it’s done when it displays “ACCEPTED: Singular security bypass.”

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PUZZLE 2- The Garden of Salvation

After the first encounter comes to the second puzzle, after its completion and gaining rewards, turn around and spot a tree with pink leaves on the right side. There you’ll find an opening to drop down into a cave. The goal here’s the same as earlier, chaining the tether around from start to finish. The area you drop down into will be the end of the chain.

Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2 - How to get past The Garden of Salvation? : Destiny 2

Assign each player with the number from 1 to 6 and place them according to the line of sight position with one at the ending node and player six at the tether’s start node. Once aligned, tether the chain and accomplish this puzzle successfully and then head back outside.

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PUZZLE 3- The Garden of Salvation | Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2

Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2 - How to get past The Garden of Salvation? : Destiny 2

Puzzle 3 is in the platforming section of the raid. Head to the right side of Playspace and look for a big branch coming out of the ceiling with shootable pods. In this puzzle, 6 nodes will appear when you activate the tether. The goal here is to hit tether to all the nodes. Brainstorm and align players accordingly so that every node gets hit by the tether. Once all the nodes are lit up with a tether, this puzzle is completed.

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PUZZLE 4- The Garden of Salvation

PUZZLE 4- The Garden of Salvation

The next puzzle occurs after the third encounter. A tether spawns to the east of the mini jumping puzzle tunnel kind of thing, which upon activation spawns six nodes. All of the six nodes are to be tethered as done in the previous puzzle. Set players so that it forms a ring-like structure around the pillar and the tether through the nodes. Do not break a line of sight with each other. To get to the final nodes in the air, jump many times, and you’ll be done.

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PUZZLE 5 – The Garden of Salvation | Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2

PUZZLE 5 - The Garden of Salvation

Puzzle 5 is activated simultaneously in the same way of chaining players from 1 to 6. As a group, you’ll need to move to the other side of the jumping puzzle tunnel or take the left path and go around. While you move ahead, Supplicant Harpies will spawn in, and as you can’t shoot them, you’ll have to let them get near you for them to start exploiting themselves and quickly move back not to get killed from their explosion. When all of the Harpies are eliminated, create a bowtie shape with all 6 players on each node, and it’s done.

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PUZZLE 6 – The Garden of Salvation

PUZZLE 6 - The Garden of Salvation

Puzzle 6 takes place after the third encounter and after the wall climb. Walk towards the big field and waterfalls in the back. There you’ll find a cave between two waterfalls. The start node is down the path at the left, and shooting it will spawn the end node, which is towards the wall’s beginning. Make sure the chains you make here need to be as long as they can go between players before breaking, and it will be completed.

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PUZZLE 7 – The Garden of Salvation | Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2

PUZZLE 7 - The Garden of Salvation

The final level is at the beginning of the previous level. There will be 6 plates on the ground. When you chain everyone to start the puzzle, two nodes will appear. These two nodes will make a line pattern on the ground, which your team needs to replicate quickly. Assign everyone a number and have people placed on the plates in order. You’ll have to repeat this process seven times to complete the puzzle.

Well, there you have it, guys. If you completed your puzzle nice and fine, have the quest too, you are rewarded with Divinity, i.e., Arc Trace Rifle placed next to the boss. Well, this is all you need to know about the Divinity Puzzles Destiny 2. To get more such updates on Destiny 2, make sure to follow us on Game Stanza.

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