Reboot a Friend Fortnite – Reboot a Friend Beta, get rewards for bringing in friends! : Fortnite

Playing games with friends can be one hell of an experience! Fortnite is bringing this amazing experience for the players whit it’s beta experience “Reboot a Friend Fortnite“.

Fortnite has been one of the top trending games for a long period of time. The Epic games and People can Fly developed Fortnite has also won a number of awards and has been ruling the hearts of the players for a while now. Fortrnite was released in 2017 and can be played on various platforms. Like Ninetendo switch, PS4, Xbox one, Android, IOS, Microsoft Windows, and Classic Mac IOS. The game is also available in three distinct game mode versions. But otherwise they share a simmilar general gameplay and game engine. And with this new Reboot a friend beta update the have just made the game more exciting for the players.

Reboot a Friend Fortnite

Reboot a Friend Fortnite - Reboot a Friend Beta, get rewards for bringing in friends! : Fortnite

With this beta program anyone can login on the Reboot a friend website and check if they have any friends to be rebooted. This beta program was launched on 14th Dec 2020, 3 AM to 4th Jan 2021 3 AM. The beta program also has some  exciting rewards for the players. The players will be eligible for  rewards only after playing one match with their rebooted friend.

The rewards are as follows- For playing one match players will be rewarded with Reboot emoticon. After 5 matches they will get a key change lobby track. After 10 matches the players will get Twin Talons Pickaxe. And after 20 matches players will obtain the final reward that is the Holofoil Wrap. These prizes will be issued to the players within a span of 7 days.

The participation in this beta program is limited to the players that have not played the game for 30 days or more. This limitation was added so that players can have a better experience. But can the players add more than one friend? The more the merrier. Well, for now the players can only reboot one friend for now. But we hope that the game soon allows to reboot more than one friends. The Reboot a friend will soon be out of the beta as they are still testing things out. But stay tuned for the updates

Also, personally I feel that the game developers have came up with a really good marketing strategy. In this way they can easily bring their ol;d players back to the game which will be great for the game. But this is just an assumption and not a verified news.

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