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Apex Legends has just released their patch notes. Read this article till the end to know everything about the latest Apex Legends Fight Night Patch Notes.

Apex Legends is a free to play first player shooting battle royale game. The game was developed by Rewspan Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It was released for PS4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One on 4th Feb 2019. But the game was launched without any prior announcements or marketing to it. Then to the game is loved by over 70 million players worldwide. This year, for all those Apex Legends admirers, the game will be launching a Fight Night Patch Notes.

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Fight Night Patch

This new patch will be released on Jan 5th, 2021. This new release has made tons of balancing and bug fixing and also some thrilling new features. Including a brand new game mode, which is under the tagline “takeover.” Also, there is a new Gibraltar Heirloom, new skins, and 24 other items.

In this update patch, Apex has introduced a new mode called Airdrop Escalations. This mode is similar to the original battle royale mode but with extra supply drops. This will temporarily replace the main experience. The is also bringing Pathfinder Town Takeover to the Apex. A new POI will be added to the map based on the legend. This will force the players to fight with fists in an arena.

Apex Legends Fight Night Patch Notes - Latest Updates : Apex Legends

On top of that, 24 new items will be available the entire season, either through Apex coins or Crafting Metals. These items also include new skins. Other major changes include Bug fixes and balancing changes, which the game will be introducing with this update. Along with this, there are going to be some changes in the weapons in the game. Some life quality changes have also been made. Read about the other technical changes below.

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Fight Night Patch Notes

The fight night is bringing new changes in the weapons, bugs, and balances. In this, the weapon, Hemlock’s damage will reduce from 22 to 20. And the Mastiff short gun will have more spread on the third and fourth pellet.

Apex Legends Fight Night Patch Notes - Latest Updates : Apex Legends

In addition to this, the legend Caustic and Rampart will also be changed slightly. In Rampart, the Amped Cover will take 20 sec to cool down instead of 30 secs. Similarly, in Caustic, the Nox Gas Trap will take 20 secs to cooldown instead of 25.

Next, the bug issues in Bloodhound, Wraith, Bangalore, Mirage, Crypto, Reverent, Loba, Rampart, and Horizon have been fixed. Also, the Quality of life in the patch has balancing adjustments. And some more are up to come in Apex next week as well.

Well, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Apex Legends Fight Night Patch Notes. To get more updates about Apex Legends, follow us on Game Stanza.

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