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Snowball Fight Valorant. The article is going to be about the new Snowball fight mode in the famous game VALORANT. It’s really simple to play this mode in the game. All you need is to play on time, as it’s limited only till 29th of December, 2020.

Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer tactical, first-person hero shooter video game, that’s developed and published by Riot Games, for Microsoft Windows. The game began a closed beta period in October 2019, with some limited access on April 7, 2020, and then followed by the official release on June 2, 2020. Valorant is a team based tactical shooter video game set in the near-future. Riot Games, the developer and publisher of Valorant, has also previously developed League of Legends.

Snowball Fight Game Mode

Valorant snowball fight - Gamestanza

There has been a new release of Snowball Fight Game Mode in Valorant. And there’s a time limit for this brand new game mode. Players can play this new mode till 29th of December only. So those who want to try it, start playing now, but after reading this article.


So, this mode will equip every player with a Snowball Launcher where the team which completes the 50 kills first will win the match. And most important to know, the bullets in the weapon will be replaced by snowballs. Not only this, but there are the power-ups which would be available to the players at random locations across the map, decorated as fancy gifts for the players. This mode won’t allow your daily missions to progress, but it will be a fun for the community.

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Ways to Play Snowball Fight Mode

Snowball Fight MODE - Gamestanza

So, first of all, the power-ups in this mode are as follows:

  1. SKATES:  Move around quickly with skates enabled.
  2. RICOCHET:  Would make snowballs bounce on the surface and walls.
  3. GROWBALL:  While airborne, the snowball would increase in size.
  4. RAPID FIRE:  Enables you to shoot with more fire rate.

The game developers have currently halted their plans, to put these power-ups in the game, but in the end it would depend on what the player desires.

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Snowball fight valorant mode - Gamestanza

The snowballs have a set projectile, and the snowballs take time to reach to the point after the lancher is fired. The mode will be rewarding the players with 750XP per game, and also a bonus 150XP for win. Valorant is also awarding a special gun buddy after a player’s first Snowball Fight Game.

It’s really simple to play this mode in the game. All you need is to play on time, as it’s limited only till 29th of December, 2020.

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