How to obtain the Hawkmoon Catalyst in Destiny 2

How to obtain the Hawkmoon Catalyst in Destiny 2

Hawkmoon is one of Destiny’s most unusual Exotic hand cannons. The weapon has been around since the original game, and it reappeared in Season of the Hunt as part of Season 2 of Destiny 2, giving fans something else to search for during the season.

The Hawk-Moonslayer’s Paracausal Shot talent adds a stack of Paracausal Charge after landing a headshot. The number of stacks in the magazine will have an effect on the final round, which will deal more damage based on the number of stacks (for a Primary). As the name implies, it is excellent for crowd control. You may stack your buffs and save the bulkier targets for last after Paracausal Shot activates, which makes it ideal for controlling mobs. How to obtain the Hawkmoon Catalyst in Destiny 2

How to obtain the Hawkmoon Catalyst in Destiny 2
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Players could obtain Hawkmoon and its catalyst by completing the Harbinger challenge in Year Four.

However, with the arrival of The Witch Queen as Year Five begins, Harbinger along with the majority of seasonal content for the year has been placed in the Destiny Content Vault and is no longer accessible to players.

What is the Hawkmoon Catalyst and how can I get it in Destiny 2

The Hawkmoon Catalyst may be found while participating in completionist tasks. After completing Strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit activities, the engram is formed. The Hawkmoon Catalyst is a rare drop from the final boss of Season 2, which is located in Blackfalds. If you complete the season’s subsequent new encounter, there’s a chance it will be available as loot. It’s possible that the activity could be removed from the Vanguard Ops playlist if it drops during Season 3.

The Hawkmoon Catalyst adds another shot to the weapon’s magazine Just bring in the legs and a few other parts. You may make as many bats as you like! and improves its handling, reload speed, and range based on the number of Paracausal Charge stacks on the gun.

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