Bungie reveals Destiny 2 exotic weapons getting Buffed!

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Bungie reveals Destiny 2 exotic weapons getting Buffed!

Today Bungie released a surprise that it didn’t have anything to do with being acquired by Sony. Release of the long-awaited upcoming Witch Queen expansion, the team unveiled several more important improvements bringing to Destiny 2. Although the game’s crating feature was the center of attention, Bungie additionally disclosed that exotic basic weapons will receive a significant damaging boost, bringing them back into play. (exotic weapons getting Buffed!)


Exotics are said to have been among the strongest Future 2 weaponry because they are some of the greatest scarce and decided to seek. However, not every one of them is made equal, and because players may only equip weapons individually, specialized, unique and huge massive energy weapons frequently steal the spotlight. To compensate for this imbalance, after The Witch Queen takes up residence, her primary unique weapons will inflict 40% extra damage to common opponents. Bungie reveals Destiny 2 exotic weapons getting Buffed!

It implies that most of the game’s very famous weapons for example Ace of Spades, Mont Carloand Riskrunnerwill emerge even more usable in PvE once again.

Bungie reveals Destiny 2 exotic weapons getting Buffed!

While this buff may be excessive in the long run, I’m willing to accept the trade-off for the time being.

Bungie devoted the remaining of today’s article showcasing other impending improvements towards its sandbox and pulled back the veil on Witch Queen’s newest craft mechanism. Here’s a succinct overview:

  • Collect a gun-type by completing a mission or achieving a goal.
  • Gather materials for making.
  • Buy new weapons that include a feature called deep sight resonance.
  • Get the deep sight resonance bonus you’re looking for.
  • To make a whole new gun, combine all of them.
  • Increase the gun’s degree to gain access to additional stat benefits.

Bungie reveals Destiny 2 exotic weapons getting Buffed!

In general, it probably is a good idea, though there are some snags. In the beginning, RNG is always around because deep sight resonance weapons are such a randomized fall. It’s also confusing whether “perk essence” players get from deep-sight resonance weaponry is generally suitable or a permanent unlock.

Another important disclosure is that the global loot pool (learnrandom weapons that drop in the wildwill be updated with returning favorites from Future 2’s first yearbut with a twistIn the futureall new and reissued legendary weapons may be imbued with origin attributes inspired by their fictional creators.

These will be bonus weapon bonuses that improve things like flinch resistance or damage against autos. Perk pools for guns will also lean into each weapon’s producer fame. “Massive harm for Häkke, stability for Suros, talents tie-ins and strange things for Omolon, never ever stop-firing for Veist,” Bungie said of these producer archetypes.

Lost ark release date, gameplay features and more!

For more such updates stay tuned with the gamestanza!


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