Destiny 2 Lost Sectors: ALL How to find, Master/Legend, Reputation, Raid

Destiny 2 Lost Sectors: ALL How to find, Master/Legend, Reputation, Raid

Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 are small side objectives strewn across the game’s open-world environments. Since its release in 2017, Destiny 2 has changed a lot, and Lost Sectors have changed as well. Where they used to be a source of supplementary material and something to do while out exploring, they now serve as an endgame-level challenge for single players. Here’s our guide on Destiny 2 Lost Sectors, which covers all you need to know about how lost sectors work in the modern game.

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What Are Lost Sectors In Destiny 2 And How Do You Find Them?

In Destiny 2, there are various Lost Sectors strewn across the open world. Lost Sectors have their own icon that may be seen on the map to indicate their position. Nonetheless, locating Lost Sectors might be difficult. They’re lost for a purpose, and the exits are frequently hidden. Find the general position using the symbol on the map, then look for the emblem on a wall that denotes the Lost Sector’s entrance.

Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 are similar to small dungeons. They occasionally include additional mechanics, but for the most part, they consist of fighting a large number of foes and beating a boss at the conclusion. When you defeat the boss, the chest opens, revealing your prize. The blue tier of gear is rewarded the most in Lost Sectors. These things can help you level up quickly at the beginning of the game.

Check out our Destiny 2 Metamorphosis Lost Sector guide for an illustration of how Lost Sectors work at these higher difficulties.

Difficulty Levels: Legend And Master Difficulty Levels: Legend And Master Difficulty Levels: Legend And Master Difficult

For a long time, Lost Sectors were only what they were described to be. They were no longer important to high-level players, and they faded away with the passage of time. Lost Sectors, on the other hand, had a makeover a few years ago with the addition of legend and master Lost Sectors. Bungie has gone to great lengths to provide players with as many options as possible for engaging in endgame content, and Lost Sectors has become a lone player’s ultimate struggle. The way it works is that a new Destiny 2 Lost Sector is designated every day. It will appear on the map, and you can mark it to make it easier to locate.

You’ll find a banner flag at the Lost Sector’s entrance, and you’ll have to interact with it to start the legend or master version, depending on which difficulty you want to tackle. The legend level is currently 1550, and the master level is 1580. These are exceptionally high-level actions, equivalent to high-level Nightfalls and Raids, given the level cap of 1560.

They can now be completed in a three-person team, but in order to receive the tremendous prizes, players must complete these missing sectors on their own. Since the game’s introduction, the Legend and Master level Lost Sectors have been the primary source of new Exotic armor; in fact, the majority of new Exotic armor is limited to these Lost Sectors. As a result, Lost Sectors at the Legend and Master levels have become a crucial feature of Destiny 2.

That’s all there is to know about Destiny 2’s Lost Sectors. Check out one of our guides on finishing a Legend or Master difficulty Lost Sector, such as the Destiny 2 Metamorphosis Lost Sector, for additional information.

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