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Valorant Error Code 68 . With the rising popularity of Valorant, There will be bugs that we have to face daily. As we know, Valorant is still in terms of updates. We can’t wholly compare Valorant with CSGO; if we start talking about the gun mechanism of Valorant. The article might exceed thousands of words!

Ever since the launch of Valorant, the closed beta has seen many errors compared to the earlier release.

From error code 12 to 46, 7, and 40, Valorant’s closed beta was subject to many faults because of all the errors that ruined a gamer’s experience.

Valorant | The Loadout
credit: Riot

Even though the bugs are being minimized compared to earlier versions, there are still a few bugs occurring in front of users. Like, the error code 68. So, if you are facing this error code, then we have the perfect fix for it.

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What is Valorant Error code 68?

Valorant Error Code 68 - Valorant Error Codes, How To Fix Valorant Error  Code 68?

Error code 68 occurs when the Valorant client is experiencing connection issues with the servers. It can either be a fault from your end, which is your ISP, or on Riot’s, more specifically Cloudflare, which is Valorant’s DDoS protection provider.

How to fix Valorant Error code 68?

If you have an internet issue and you are getting error code 68 bugs, then there are a few steps that you could perform to remove the bug.

  • Restart the game

Restarting the Valorant client will fix almost every error code, and the same goes for error code 68. So, log out of Riot client and log in. 

  • Restart you PC

Even though error code 68 is a connection issue bug, but Vanguard sometimes might also be the reason behind it. So, restart your PC and then try to log in.

  • Check your internet connection.

As error 68 is a server connection issue, your router might be creating the problem. So, restarting your router and checking your internet connection might workout for you.

  • Contact Riot’s Help desk

If the problem continues then, we will suggest you contact Riot’s Help desk for more information. Contact here.

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Valorant Cloudflare issue

Cloudflare HTTPS and WAF Update - SiteGround Blog
Credit: Cloudflare

After following all steps mentioned above, if the error remains, Cloudflare might be an issue because Cloudflare is the central server for Valorant.

Cloudflare has undergone recent server outages, leading to several websites and applications, like Discord and VALORANT, going down. It’s an ongoing issue related to a faulty router that should be sorted soon.

So, for now, you can fix the problem by restarting your game, PC, or router.


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