Nvidia’s Next-Gen GPU AD102 – Could Be Twice As Fast As 3090? : Technology

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Gamers are waiting for the launch of  Nvidia’s Next-Gen GPU AD102. After Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series launch, this will be the next flagship launch from Nvidia. 

Here, we are going to talk about all the details and leaks we know so far. And, the big question, Could it be twice as fast as 3090? Let’s find out.

Nvidia's Next-Gen GPU AD102 - Could Be Twice As Fast As 3090? : Technology

Nvidia’s Next-Gen GPU AD102:

The codename of the GPU is Nvidia Ada Lovelace. With the AD102 model number, It is said to have a capacity of 64 TFLOPs. It is almost twice as powerful as the current RTX 3080’s performance at 34 TFLOPs and five times that of the Xbox Series. If this is accurate, it will greatly enhance Nvidia’s performance lead.

According to the rumor mill, Nvidia will pack Ada up to 18,432 CUDA cores to suit its smaller node. This is more than twice the RTX 3080’s 8.704 CUDA cores and almost twice the RTX 3090‘s 10.496 CUDA cores. This means that Lovelace is more than 71 percent powerful than Ampere. WCFF Tech reported that Lovelace could be a single-die design compared to the speculated Nvidia Hopper with its multi-die design. The single-die design would make Lovelace more suited to gaming, as it could help to minimize latency, while Hopper could be positioned for data center use.

Nvidia's Next-Gen GPU AD102 - Could Be Twice As Fast As 3090? : Technology

Release Date 0f Nvidia’s Next-Gen GPU AD102

The release date of Nvidia’s Next-Gen GPU AD102 is not available right now. But, stay tuned!

If we go by the leaks and the rumors, then the launch of the GPU is shaping to be a big and grand one. If the leaks hold weight then the speculations of it being twice as fast as 3090 could be true.

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