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The Windows 11 release date is on August 29, 2020.THIS IS FAKE! After the data being released, many questions arise if it will be available for the general public. The answer is, Yes! It will be available to the general public. The OS (Operating system) will be available in the update center of Windows 10 and Windows 7. So, buckle up and wait for the latest Windows Operating System. Now, let’s talk about the main events – Windows 11 features, Windows 11 Requirements, Windows 11 download and install, Windows 11 price and will it be available for the Indian audience?

Windows 11 – System Requirements

windows 11 release date - Gamestanza

Windows 10 is a great successor of Windows 8 and is still a very great Operating System till date. But everyone is still waiting for an upgrade since it has been 5 years Windows 10 has released. Talking about windows 11 let’s see what might be the minimum system requirements for Windows 11.

  • RAM:- 2GB (64Bit)
  • Hard Disk: 20GB (64 Bit) At least
  • Processor: More than 1 GHz
  • Screen Resolution: 800X600
  • Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 9 or higher version of DirectX

The above mentioned system requirements is the minimum system requirements that you need to have in your system to run Windows 11 smoothly. If you have a system whose specification doesn’t meet the minimum requirements mentioned above then your system might crash or boot up slowly.

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Windows 11 – Features

windows 11 release date - Gamestanza

Windows 11 release date is still not confirmed and we don’t even know that whether Windows 11 will release or not. But if it releases what can be the new features that we can expect which might differ from the previous Windows operating system that is Windows 10. Let’s look at some of the features that might be expected to be Windows 11.

  • Security Improvements
  • Better Performance and speed
  • Improved Cortona
  • More battery life and better power management system
  • A new and attractive looking start menu

The above mentioned features are expected to be in Windows 11 if the operating system ever releases, if not then Microsoft might come with an huge update of Windows 10 which might upgrade the user interface and other functionalities of the operating system.

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Windows 11 release date – FAKE!


After the successful release of Windows 10, there have been many updates to it. And it is one of the most reachable Operating systems in the community now. With such diversity, it’s Microsoft’s time to get their gears inside the new Operating system, Windows 11. 

Apparently, the new Windows 11 is releasing on August 29, 2020. Well, to be honest, this is a myth! This is FAKE! 

There is so much such update about the new release of Windows 11 update, as you see a report from the officials. 

windows 11 release date - Gamestanza

windows 11 release date - Gamestanza



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