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    Recently Apple is launching a mentorship program for college students for 2021. This mentorship program will be available for 1st generation college students. Stick with me and read the article about the new mentorship program for college students.

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    What is Apple’s new Mentorship Program for College Students?

    Apple Launches New Mentorship Program for College Students - What is it and How to join

    • The program is available mainly to students with a major in accounting and economics, business-related subjects, and mathematics.
    • This Mentorship Program is called [email protected]
    • During the mentorship, Apple pairs college students with Apple employees who serve as mentors for the study, according to a report by MacRumours. Mentors will provide the learning resources and will give students opportunities for growth.
    • This Mentorship Program is designed only for first-year and second-year college students.
    • The Mentorship Program will be officially open from early 2021.
    • This initiative has been introduced by Apple as it will help the company identify young talent from various universities and also provide a forum for students interested in working with one of the leading companies.

    How to Apply or join the Mentorship Program:

    • In early 2021, the mentorship will formally be open for entry. By Friday, January 8th, 2021, interested students should send an email to : [email protected]
    • To Enroll in Apple Mentorship program for college students, you need to be in 1st year or 2nd year of college and students should be study finance, economics, accounting, or a similar discipline relating to business, mathematics, commerce, or data analytics.
    • Apple has not released many program specifics, so it is not clear whether or not the program is going to be implemented outside the United States. When Apple reveals all the information about the software, the story will be updated.
    • This program is similar to Google’s summer internship program.

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