Minecraft Java Edition – How to download java edition Minecraft 20w49a java edition: Minecraft

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Minecraft was an sand box game created by Markus Perrsson using java programming language. And it was developed by Mojang. Minecraft also known as Minecraft java edition and it was original version of game. the first outcome of game was released on 2009 on personal computers before 2011. And later it was released officially on 18th November,2011. Minecraft is an one of the best game sold by many industries across the world. It was a game liked by many kids across the world.

Minecraft Java Edition - How to download java edition Minecraft 20w49a java edition: Minecraft

In 2014, Minecraft was purchased by Microsoft. And from there players were playing games without having Microsoft account. but Microsoft made on announcement that players should have to create Microsoft account from Dec 1st,2020 to play Minecraft java edition game.

In last release of java edition: snapshot doesn’t have high list of features. but game got access to one new feature will be a part of upcoming update ‘Caves and Cliffs‘ which were schedule to released on 2021.

New feature available in snapshot 20w51a were axolotl (tamable, aquatic mobs will generate in the rivers of the lush caves).

Minecraft was an paid online game players have to pay $26.95 in order to play game.

Features Of Game Were:

  • It was available on windows, Linux, MAC.
  • Supports user created skins and mods
  • It have access to snapshots
  • For this game free trail also available.

How to Install & Play Minecraft

  • In order to download & install game first go to http://www.minecraft.net/download
  • It was recommended to download demo game(trail version) before purchase of game.
  • After download of game please install it. And you need to login with your email account in order to access game.
  • one thing i like to say the game was connected to to your email address not the device. it was recommended to use Microsoft account while sign in.
  • Make your that your internet connection was active while signing the game. for first time users an additional files will be downloaded. and make sure that your antivirus, firewall doesn’t block those files.
  • After if you are satisfied with free trail based on your wish you can buy paid version.

System Requirements For Game:

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Software Requirements for Game:

Players keep in mind older versions will be updated to new version in order to receive current features.
players keep in mind some players will play game with mismatched versions of their operating system. make you that shouldn’t be mismatched.

Java8 will be required to run Minecraft game. if player doesn’t have that version they can download that version or it will be provided by Minecraft by default.

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