Destiny 2 Off all trades quest – How to complete the challenge ? Full guide : Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 unveiled the Off all trades quest recently and it has boggled the minds of many players all over. We have prepared a guide for Off all trades quest – How to complete the challenge ? Read on for details…

Destiny 2 Off all trades quest

The off trades challenge is the third challenge of the deep stone crypt raid . It is Rapture/Crash type encounter or the third type of main encounter.

The challenge has no boss and the complete 6 member fire squad is put into a crashing ship which is plummeting down to europa. The goal involves juggling various buffs and depositing nuclear cores to eventually escape the area.

Destiny 2 Off all trades quest - How to complete the challenge ? Full guide : Destiny 2

The encounter takes place in a small chamber. The trick about this specific encounter is that every player must do every role only once. If any player goes on more than once without swapping the challenge will fail.

To refresh your memory, there are three roles in the encounter:

  • Operator- His job is to shoot the panels on the left and right sides of the map so that they can spawn nuclear cores.
  •  Suppressor-His task is to look for  the three security drones floating around the area, Stand under them each of them in turn and shoot Taniks. This’ll allow the other players to “bank” their nuclear cores.
  • Scanner-His job is to check the center of the room to see which of the boxes/banks start glowing yellow. He will hear a siren which tells which receptacles are the correct ones.

How to complete the challenge ?

Now as you may have already guessed this task required a high level of coordination between your team members. 

Encounters in itself are very chaotic and there will be a lot of swapping around thus if you have a clear plan beforehand it would be very beneficial. Luckily for you a reddit user by “r/raidsecrets” posted a very useful graphic that you can use for your strategy here it is:

Destiny 2 Off all trades quest - How to complete the challenge ? Full guide : Destiny 2

Now here is step by step guide on how to proceed

  1. Everyone on the team picks a number between 1-6 and remembers it throughout the task. 
  2. Start the encounter, find the fallen, kill it and pick up the fallen augments in the order according to the chart i.e., player 1 , 3 ,and 5 respectively take scanner , operator , and suppressor.
  3. Rest of the players can kill the trash or pick up bombs.
  4. Now complete the round and at the end be ready for swapping. As there won’t be much time to do this, everyone must be ready to either dunk or pick up.
  5. According to the graphic player 1, 3, and 5 dunk and 2, 4, and 6 respectively pick up.
  6. This process continues according to the graphic for the complete six rounds. 

If you follow these properly you are sure to complete the task and besides completing all trades you’ll also receive double loots so kudos…

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