GTA 6 Leaks Trailer – Release date, price, character, and missions : GTA 6

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Recently Rockstar Games announced that they’d be re-releasing GTA 5 for the next-gen PlayStation, that is, PS5. This has caused a lot of excitement among the players, as many of them think of this as a sign that soon, the next installment of the franchise will be announced after this release. Here we have compiled all that we know about GTA 6 till now. Read on to find out all the latest GTA 6 leaks Trailer: Release date, price, character, and missions.

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When is the game coming?

Fans of the GTA franchise all over the world are eager for an official release date from rockstar. Sadly there has not been an official statement as yet from the company. 

GTA 6 Leaks Trailer - Release date, price, character, and missions : GTA 6

Though a lot of sources point towards the fact that the game will surely be released by mid-2021.

Rumors surfaced sometime back that another rockstar title, bully 2, has been kept on pause to develop GTA 6 to be completed.

If this is to be believed, then the game must be almost complete by now and surely be out this year.

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Missions | GTA 6 leaks Trailer

GTA 6 is sure to have more missions than any of the titles have seen so far.

According to a source, this time around, rockstar focuses on creating engaging side missions of a wide variety. 

GTA 6 Leaks Trailer - Release date, price, character, and missions : GTA 6

There will always be lots of customizable cars and bikes, a hoard of weapons, and multiple storylines.

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Recently in a GTA forum thread, a user claimed to have leaked the new game’s entire map. 

The user claimed that the game would be going international with Hong Kong, San Fierro, Venturas, Triad, Mexico, and some other minor cities across the world.

According to the user, the game will also feature the original vice city and the liberty city, and the game will be set in different timelines, starting with a Spanish drug dealer in the 70s.

GTA 6 Leaks Trailer - Release date, price, character, and missions : GTA 6

Though this is still unconfirmed, this leak has caused a lot of buzz among the fans, with many calling it “the massive leak.” This was more fuel because discussions about the GTA 6 content have started being censored after this leak on the forum.

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Characters | GTA 6 leaks Trailer

GTA 5 leads Michael, Trevor, and Franklin to return in the next installment, too though there has been no confirmation as yet.

There were rumors some time back that CJ, the lead in GTA San Andreas, will also make an appearance, but the voice actor of the character confirmed in an interview that this would not be happening.

Characters - Gamestanza

There have also been many rumors that this time around, GTA will see a female lead. We can neither confirm nor deny this at the time, but there is a lot of excitement among the fans.

Recently in an interview, former breaking bad star Esposito revealed that he has worked for a big video game this year, the name of which he cannot reveal. Many people are connecting this to GTA 6, though again, we cannot be sure; it is quite a good guess.

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COST | GTA 6 leaks Trailer

The CEO of taking two company (which owns the rockstar label) recently, in an interview, pointed toward the fact that the next installment of the game is going to be costly.

The recent trend of all the next-gen games shows that GTA 6 would surely be over a hefty 60 dollars.

Okay, so that was it. That was all about GTA 6 leaks Trailer. To get all the latest news and updates on the Release Date of GTA 6, follow us on Game Stanza.

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