How to complete Hitman 3 Dubai missions and all the secrets? : What do we know so far?

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Read through to know how to complete Hitman 3 Dubai missions and all the secrets.

The most recent trailer of the final installment in the Hitman series of games has dropped. With it, we get a glimpse of 2 of the 6 locations that the game will have missions in for Agent 47.

Starting with the words “Welcome to Dubai 47.” the sneak peek takes you through the first 5 minutes of the opening mission. This game will be the final in the trilogy of games that started with Hitman in 2016. Containing some of the most enjoyable stealth missions. The series finale will contain 6 locations. First, being Dubai and second Portsmouth, England.

How to complete Hitman 3 Dubai missions and all the secrets? : What do we know so far?
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The title of the first mission has also been revealed aptly named “Top of the world” and taking place at what loosely resembles the iconic Burj Khalifa. The scene is so explosive that it is very likely to give you a proper mission, impossible feel. Players can expect some mindboggling walks over scaffoldings of the buildings and acrobatics performed over window rims.

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More stealth and less action in the opening Dubai Mission

From the first look of the trailer, Agent 47 walks into a huge party with a card. After making his way into the building, snaking his way through narrow scaffoldings. Then he proceeds into the crowd and stands there for a while, listening to the speaker calmly. Who also appears to be his target. The teaser ends with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Due to the lack of action in the opening sequence, we expect the game to attract newer players.

The opening mission is likely to give players a feel of the controls and experiment with maneuverability. This changes quickly in the 2nd mission, which will give you some serious murder mystery vibes. Players can experience any new features and controls without getting overwhelmed by a fast-paced environment in the game.

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