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It’s the season of giving, holiday wraps, so much cooking, and the Rocket League. Well, it’s still the season of the Rocket League, if you’re on the old phone, PC, PS5, or Xbox Series X. Anyway, thanks to the Golden Gift 2020 Rocket League, you can fill your stockings with goodies again.

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All you need to know about the Golden Gift 2020 Rocket League

Golden GIfts Rocket League - Gamestanza
Credits: Gadget Clock

Golden Gifts is a seasonal variation of the loot boxes you receive when you play and level up in the Rocket League. You will get the Golden Prizes by playing 20 Multiplayer Matches and then win the Frosty Fest reward. Any object from Unusual can be predicted from the Compressor, Elevation, and Triumph series all the way to Black Market. Playing the Rocket League Russian roulette is fun, but if you’re not lucky enough, you can still get credits from the Golden Gift ’20 boxes.

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Golden Award 2020 Rocket League Golden Reward Accessories

Golden Gift Rocket League - Gamestanza

Here’s a full record of the Golden Award 2020 Rocket League Gadgets that Rocket League players can set up as prizes.

Accelerator Collection:

Accelerator Crate - Gamestanza

  • Lightning Path (All)
  • Gaiden Wheels (All)
  • Scorching Rocks Path (All)
  • Energy-Shot Rocket enhance (All)
  • Saptarishi Wheels (All)
  • Chrono Wheels (All)
  • Pearlescent (Matte) Paint end (All)
  • Snakeskin Decal (Jäger 619 RS)
  • Jäger 619 RS Physique
  • Critters Decal (Mantis)
  • Splatter Decal (Dominus GT)
  • Chainsaw Decal (Breakout)
  • Gigapede Decal (Centio V17)
  • Clockwork Wheels (All)
  • Fireworks Objective explosion (All)
  • Hellfire Objective explosion (All)
  • Get together Time Objective explosion (All)
  • Popcorn Objective explosion (All)

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Elevation Collection

Elevation Collection - Gamestanza

  • Finny Wheel (All)
  • Synthwave Rocket enhance (All)
  • Nimbus Physique
  • Gernot Wheel (All)
  • Raijin Wheel (All)
  • Muddy Decal (Twinzer)
  • Sticker Bomb Decal (Octane)
  • Yamane Wheel (All)
  • Discotheque Path (All)
  • Singularity Objective explosion (All)
  • Fortunate Stars Participant banner (All)
  • Retro Solar Decal (Venom)
  • Dino Paint end (All)
  • Ripped Comedian Decal (Breakout)
  • Bob’s Ramen Participant banner (All)
  • Mainframe Decal (All)
  • Photovoltaic Flare Objective explosion (All)
  • Moist Paint Decal (All)

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Triumph Collection:

Triumph Crate - Gamestanza

  • NNTR Decal (Dominus GT)
  • Machina Decal (Centio V17)
  • Rose King Decal (Animus GP)
  • REVERB Wheel (All)
  • Hypnotik Wheel (All)
  • EKG-OMG Rocket Path (All)
  • Storm Watch (Decal (All)
  • XVI Decal (Jäger 619 RS)
  • Royal Tyrant Decal (Octane)
  • Dot Rush Decal (Octane)
  • Elevate-Off Participant Banner (All)
  • Diomedes Wheel (All)
  • Comet Rocket Increase (All)
  • Samurai Physique
  • Kyrios Wheel (All)
  • Atomizer Objective Explosion (All)
  • Dissolver Decal (All)
  • Toon Objective Explosion (All)

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Golden Incentives 2020

Golden Gift - Gamestanza

The entire schedule of Golden Reward 2020 Rocket League items and milestones can be reviewed below:

  • Chilly Sweater banner: Play 3 Online Matches
  • Chilly Sweater decal: Get 20 Clears in On-line Matches
  • Peppermint wheels: Seize 15 Objectives, Assists, or Saves in Online Competitions
  • Snowstorm decal: Get 20 ranges on Objective in On-line Matches
  • Sleigh Queen title: Acquire one recreation in a Snow Day Additional Modes Match
  • Snowman border: Seize a Save and a Win in a singular On-line Match
  • Vacation Fireside wheels: Get 20 Facilities in Snow Day Additional Modes Matches
  • Golden Reward ‘20: Play 20 Online Matches
  • Vacation Bow topper: Improve 1 XP Degree
  • Firewords enhance: Seize 20 Assists in On-line Matches
  • Xmas Lights Decal: Get 15 Saves or Epic Saves in On-line Rivalries
  • 20,000 XP: Win 10 Online Matches

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So, there you have it, guys. This is all you need to know about the Golden Gifts 2020 Rocket League. If you want some more information about the cars in Rocket League or want to explore the gallery of cars, visit Rocket League’s official website and get a glance at all the amazing cars available in Rocket League.

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