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Among Us, the most popular multiplayer game is now on the Nintendo switch. The best part about this is AmogUs Switch Crossplay. It can be bought from Nintendo’s online store for 5 dollars, approximately Rs. 370.

Among Us Switch crossplay

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Among Us Switch Crossplay:

Among Us was developed and launched in the year 2018 but gained popularity in the year 2020 during the pandemic, and even got the award of the best mobile game and best multiplayer game. Nintendo at its December 2020 Indie World Showcase ended the stream with the reveal of Among Us coming to the switch. With the Switch version, the doors for it to appear on Play station and Xbox have been opened. The developer of Among Us Innersloth had been working to launch a sequel of among us, but recently they announced that they will scrap the idea of follow-up focusing on the original game only.

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What is Different in this Version?

The biggest difference in the switch version is the controls as it uses a combination of Joy-Con controls and a touch screen. It has a switch virtual keyword to type in chat. Like other versions local and Freeplay options also exist in the switch version. The switch users have the chance to play the game in different languages such as Japanese, Korean and English languages. The storage the game will take is 421 MB. It gives you the same experience of online multiplayer mode but if they are a few switch users in the same room, then you’ll be able to play the local multiplayer game too. It too doesn’t have the voice chat facility, not after using Nintendo online app too.

Among Us Nintendo Switch - Gamestanza
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If you want to voice you will have to download some other apps eg. Discord. The switch version lack some skins, an update in terms of outfits and hats is also awaited. The switch version visual seems a bit cleaner, having nicer frame rates as compared to other versions. Being a cross-platform game player can choose which version of Among Us is right for them. The choice will solely depend on the controls the players prefer, and if they want to spend money on it or not.

Among us was not only introduced to switch, but popular action-puzzler Grindstone was also released on Nintendo’s hybrid this week. Spelunky and Spelunky 2 will also be coming to Nintendo Switch next summer.

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