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Valorant is a highly competitive multiplayer FPS game like CS:GO, where your accuracy is the major aspect for winning a game. And for landing headshots, it’s very crucial to have the precise crosshair settings. Which involve the size, shape and colour that suits you the best. In this article we will tell you about how to create your best crosshair settings in Valorant.

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Crosshair Setting For Valorant

Crosshair Color

Valorant crosshair settings - Gamestanza

Valorant gives you multiple colours opt for the crosshairs:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Cyan
  • Green Yellow
  • Yellow Green
  • Pink and Red

Where the Red and Pink are only the harsh solid colour. Most of the players prefer to use a light colour for their crosshair so that it doesn’t block their sight but it comes to personal choice whether you are comfortable with a solid colour or a soft one.

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Crosshair Size

Valorant Crosshair settings - Gamestanza

After you determine the colour the next step is to decide what shape and size fit your needs for this either you can develop your type of crosshair by spending time with the settings like,

  • Increasing or decreasing the crosshair outline opacity,
  • Thickness – increasing or decreasing.

It’s a recommendation that if you choose a solid colour let the outline thickness and opacity low and high for soft colour.

  • Turning on/off Centre dot,
  • fixing its opacity,
  • outline thickness
  • changing the line length,
  • outline thickness

Many players don’t like the centre dot as Valorant is claustrophobic and it’s common to have more close fights for which they need more visuals but few even use the centre dot.

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Feeling lazy ? Try the Pros

Valorant Crosshair Settings - Gamestanza

If you aren’t feeling on creating your version of the crosshair you will never go wrong with some popular sights like The Dot sight, The Tight sight which most of the pros use, The Shroud’s sight or the Default one. It’s optional whether or not to include fading your crosshair while spraying, letting you know that your shots will be fired in a random pattern. Apart from this, there will be some rule of thumb of toggle error on/off based on your playstyle.

Movement error will remind you that your accuracy is unstable and expand the crosshair while moving. Firing error lets you know about your spray pattern becoming random or when your accuracy isn’t perfect. It’s better to keep your crosshair statics, not reactive as it’s less distracting and shows you exactly where your crosshair is, after all, the more you have visual information the better you perform.


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