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How to Create Characters in Cyberpunk 2077. It’s here, and Cyberpunk 2077 is here! After a 7 years long wait, it’s back finally. With a whole new gaming experience of cyberpunk 2077, they have added completely new customization character settings that have made the gaming community come to the term that if they are left with anything else or not, Because this thing is getting real! With the new features added, another new feature is the cyberware. Now, what is Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware ?

We are all curious about how far Cyberpunk 2077 character customization could lead us to – let’s find out!

Character customization in Cyberpunk 2077

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We are not even surprised by CD Projekt’s Latest offerings; they are known for their best visuals and storyline RPG games. And here, they have crossed all the limits of customization. The main characters in cyberpunk 2077, V, is fully customizable according to your needs. You can change the appearance and fine-tune their voice to scale where a girl’s voice is in a man’s body! Then there are Cyberware implants to consider, which grant you even more useful abilities.
The V’s look changes according to the life patch chosen by you; every storyline has a different appearance in the beginning, which sums down to a downtown gangster look.

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What are the changes you make of an character in Cyberpunk 2077

how to create characters in cyberpunk 2077 - Gamestanza

How to Create Characters in Cyberpunk 2077 ? As said earlier, there are different life paths to choose from. Every life patch has different character looks, which sum down to a common appearance of the protagonist. These are the options you can tweak in the game to change the appearance of a character:

  1. Voice tone
  2. Skin tone
  3. Skin type
  4. Hairstyle
  5. Hair colour
  6. Eyes
  7. Eye colour
  8. Eyebrows
  9. Eyebrow colour
  10. Nose
  11. Mouth
  12. Jaw
  13. Ears
  14. Cyberware
  15. Facial scars
  16. Facial tattoos
  17. Piercings
  18. Piercing colour
  19. Teeth
  20. Eye makeup
  21. Eye makeup colour
  22. Lip makeup
  23. Lip makeup colour
  24. Cheek makeup
  25. Cheek makeup colour
  26. Blemishes
  27. Blemish colour
  28. Nails 
  29. Nail colour
  30. Chest
  31. Nipples
  32. Body tattoos
  33. Body scars
  34. Genitals
  35. Penis size
  36. Pubic hair style
  37. Pubic hair colour


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Where can you see yourself in Cyberpunk 2077

how to create characters in cyberpunk 2077

Since Cyberpunk 2077 is an FPS game, you won’t be able to see yourself much! So, to see yourself, you need to have a reflecting surface or in the inventory: 

  • On your inventory screen
  • When looking at a mirror
  • Riding vehicles when viewing in third-person

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Cyberware and abilites

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Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware is basically an implant you can use to gain special abilities. There are many slots to fill in, where cyberware acquires the space and works as an ability you can use during combat mode. There are different modes of Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware. Some are passive, and some are active, while some works where your health is low. a character’s body

  • Active: It requires an action to activate
  • Passive: No action required
  • Triggered: These activate when you meet a specific condition.


Attributes and skills

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So, there are different abilities and attributes of the character; you can set the abilities or invest skill points in attributes to make your character more advanced. The characters in cyberpunk 2077 can be well customized and designed accordingly.

Each attribute has its own assets, where you will have the skills to use specific weapons. Following are the common attributes your character will start the game with: 

  • Body: Upgrading physical power will increase your health, stamina, and melee damage. Your character will become more athletic and street fighter.
  • Intelligence: This is your basic intelligence; this will upgrade your RAM capacity and make you solve quick hack damage and duration. It will help you in breach protocol and quick hacking.
  • Reflexes: This upgrade will enhance your reflexes; it will improve your speed and agility. It will help you with blades, handguns, and assault. 
  • Technical: You will gain technical skills like unlocking doors and using tech weapons. It also increases your armor.


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