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Valorant first strike tournament is a global esport event produced by the Riot games. It is designed as a game of guns and shooting in which the fiercest and merciless competitor takes home a heavy sum of reward. Various maps, characters, and exotic game plat features are a few of the attractive spots that bring in more and more players worldwide.

Valorant First Strike Tournament - Gamestanza
Credits: USGamer

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With wide region coverage, conducting the tournament in one corner of the world wouldn’t be sufficient. Hence, it is organized in North America, Europe, Asia, CIS, South America, and Middle East countries. The winners in each region grab the regional championship title and, they battle out at the main event to win the ultimate Valorant title.

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About Valorant First Strike Tournament

Valorant First Strike - Gamestanza
Credits: Esportz Network

Participation is free of cost, but the players must age above 16 and rank greater than Immortal 1 to register for this tournament. Apart from the former condition, one must abide by the Riot Games’ ground rules to stay and play in the competition. One basic essential norm is about the team game, that is, it requires a team of 5 players, among which 3 are native to the representing region.

First Strike - Gamestanza
Credits: Esports Talk

The contest was announced officially through a blog post with an introductory video on September 23rd, 2020, followed by the initialization on October 2020. Regional finalists were selected between October and November, with dates varying according to the region. The main event was finalized and pulled off from December 3rd to 6th of this year (2020).

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Seeding in Tournament

Seeding - Gamestanza
Credits: Dot Esports

100 Thieves and Heretics are the teams from NA and Europe, respectively, who bagged hefty prize money of $100,000. Winners from other regions were also rewarded grandly, but the figures vary since the former two regions are considered the major ones.

Valorant First Strike - Gamestanza
Credits: TheGamer

Nobody would be able to resist themselves when such games and tournaments are conducted. Valorant First Strike Tournament is such an addictive game that it got an ever-increasing fan base on a global level. One can enjoy watching and learning from the exclusive stream of the tournament on the Valorant Twitch channel.

So there you have it, folks. This was all the information that you need to know about the Valorant First Strike Tournament. To know more about these kinds of tournaments and other characters, visit their official website.

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