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Valorant Tier List. Valorant is a type of game that most of the players around the world love playing. Even some of the top streamers who used to play CSGO have switched to Valorant since Valorant is more fun to play with lots of different abilities and powers. Now some of the players find it quite difficult sometimes to choose their agents. Some players love to play aggressive while some like to play it safe, using their abilities to gather as much information as they can.

But how to know which player is the best for the team so that you can maintain a balanced team with both aggressive characters and defensive characters. Well then, read this article to know everything about the Valorant Tier List and which tier to choose in a battlefield.

About Valorant

Valorant - Gamestanza

Valorant is a first-person-shooter game that was developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows. It is a free-to-play game that was released on 2 June 2020, and ever since the game has been released most of the players have switched their game from Fornite or CS GO or PUBG to Valorant and gave a very positive review about the game.

Valorant is basically a game which requires teamwork and a lot of thinking and each player must know their roles in order to win the rounds. Each character has a different set of abilities that should be used wisely to win the game. In order to do that each player must know how to use their character’s abilities. Sometimes mastering in one character might help in a clutch situation, so choose your character wisely and start training.

Now let us have a look at some of the Valorant Tier List that might help you in picking up your characters wisely.

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Valorant Tier List

Most of the agents in Valorant are considered to be the best when the player who is controlling the character knows how to use it. But still there are some agents whose abilities are very advance. For starters, some of the players can’t use those overpowered characters properly if they don’t know which ability does what. Let’s look at the tier list now.

B Tier


Valorant Tier List - Gamestanza

Viper’s poison ability can be a great advantage to cover some certain entry points. Using her toxins wisely can deal a great damage to the enemy team. There are various different abilities which can be used to take cover or it can also be used to deliver great damage to the enemy team. One of the OP agents in the Valorant Tier List.

Her different sets of abilities are:

  • Poison Cloud
  • Toxic Screens
  • Snake Bite
  • Viper’s Pit


Valorant Tier List - Gamestanza

Brimstone is an all-rounder type of character. Brimstone smokes can be used as great cover for the enemy’s entry point and his ultimate ability that delivers a great amount of damage that it can wipe out and entire time if used at the correct time.

Brimstone’s different set of abilities are:

  • Incendiary
  • Sky Smoke
  • Stim Beacon
  • Orbital Strike

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Valorant Tier List - Gamestanza

Staying close to sage in an intense battlefield zone can be a great advantage if the player controlling sage knows when to use her ability. Her healing abilities can heal her teammates and herself and her slow orb ability can slow down the enemies in the combat.

Sage’s different set of abilities are:

  • Slow Orb
  • Healing Orb
  • Barrier Orb
  • Ressurection

That’s all for the B Tier list now let us have a look at the other Tiers.

A Tier


Valorant Tier List - Gamestanza

Sova’s ability to track down the enemies and eliminating them with efficiency and precision is the best characteristic that can be very helpful in combat. His ability to see through walls can be helpful to his teammates. His style of throwing the bolts and making them bounce of the walls is just remarkable.

Sova’s different set of abilities are:

  • Shock Bolt
  • Recon Bolt
  • Owl Drone
  • Hunter’s Fury

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Valorant Tier List - Gamestanza

Killjoy abilities might not look like they can be of great use in the battlefield but trust me she can capture sites quite easily by using her abilites. Although she might not be able to hold down a site as good as Cipher but she can be a very handy teammate when it comes to dealing with enemies.

Killjoy’s different set of are:

  • Alarmbot
  • Turret
  • Nanoswarm
  • Lockdown


Valorant Tier List - Gamestanza

Skye is a new character that has created a great spot in the A Tier List. Some say that she is the combination of sage and breach, she can heal her teammates when required and can track down enemies with her abilities. Keeping her in your team can be a great advantage since she might be able to pull off a one vs three or sometimes a one vs four situation.

Skye’s different set of abilities are:

  • Trailblazer
  • Guiding Light
  • Regrowth
  • Seekers

That’s all for A Tier List now look at the remaining tiers i.e., S Tier and S+ Tier.

S Tier


Valorant Tier List - Gamestanza

Reyna is a beast when it comes to aggressive gameplay. Her different sets of abilities just makes her unstoppable. Her flash ability can take their enemies sights down and give her some easy targets to deal kill. But her most devastating ability is her ultimate ability that makes her very fast and her fire rate also increases a lot. When her ultimate ability is activated taking down enemies automatically heals herself and gives her an option to dismiss herself if there is too much firing going around her.

Reyna’s different set of abilites are:

  • Devour
  • Dismiss
  • Leer
  • Empress


Valorant Tier List - Gamestanza

Jett is one of those character who likes to be fast and have a fast-paced gameplay. Her Tailwind ability allows her to move very fast and escape from enemy’s line of sight if required or she can use this ability to reach to a point very quickly

Jett’s different set of abilities are:

  • Updraft
  • Tailwind
  • Cloudburst
  • Blade Storm

Valorant – Breach

Valorant Tier List - Gamestanza

Breach is one of those agents that deals with enemies with a very high damage rate. He is one of the most devastating agent that can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. He has three flashes in his possession which lasts for a very long time which gives enough time for him to track down the enemies and eliminate them.

Breach’s different set of abilities are:

  • Flashpoint
  • Fault Line
  • Aftershock
  • Rolling Thunder

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Valorant – Raze

Valorant Tier List- Gamestanza

Raze is another duelist in the S Tier and all her abilities are explosives. It is sometimes hard for her teammates also to play alongside her as she might cause some damage to her teammates. Her most devastating ability is her ultimate ability which gives her launcher that can take down the whole enemy team if they stay idle at a single spot. Combine her ultimate ability with a Blast Pack with a perfect timing and she might take down 1-2 or maybe 3 enemies at the very starting of the round.

Raze’s different set of abilities are:

  • Blast Pack
  • Paint Shells
  • Boom Bot
  • Showstopper

This is all for the S Tier list. Now let’s have a look at the final tier list that is the S+ Tier List.

S+ Tier

Valorant – Phoenix

Valorant Tier List - Gamestanza

One of the best duelists in Valorant, Phoenix. He can help you while taking trades, gives a hell lot of damage, helps out teammates with his wall, and can heal himself (No sage required). As compared to other duelists, he is one of the best ones to play with.
His ultimate is something I’m a huge fan of! It allows him to get an extra life for 7 seconds to rush in and get intels for his teammates.

Raze’s different set of abilities are:

  • Blaze: A wall of fire that you can curve as it casts.
  • Curveball:A flashbang that you can quickly curve around corners.
  • Hothands: It is kind of a molly which you can use it to stop a rush.
  • Run it Back: His ultimate which makes you get an extra life for 7 seconds.

Valorant – Cypher

Valorant Tier List - Gamestanza

I would say Cypher is one of the best Sentinel in the game Like you can spectate the whole team when you kill someone with one of his abilities – How cool is that! 

Cypher can defend a site easily with his abilities, like his camera and trap wire. Then there is the ultimate ability, which helps him see the whole team through a single corpse.

Cypher’s Abilities: 

  • Trapwire: Place a stealth tripwire between two walls. 
  • Cyber Cage: Toss out a remote activation trap. …
  • Spycam: Place a remote camera. 
  • Neural Theft: Extract information from the corpse of an enemy, revealing their living allies’ location.


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