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After Rocket League became free to play, season 1 is about to end shortly. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Rocket League Season End after the game became free to play.

About Rocket League Season End

Rocket League Season End
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Since Rocket League became free to play game on the 23rd of September in 2020, its first season is about to end shortly; however, there are 14 seasons in the game when it was not available as a free to play game. Firstly, let’s talk about Season 1 and when it is going to end.

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Rocket League Season 1 End

Rocket League Season End
Credits: Rocket League

Rocket League’s first season, Season 1, started on 23 September, and it will end on 9 December 2020. If you have lots of credits saved by winning the competitive tournament matches, I would say you spend them by today because you won’t be able to finish it tomorrow. With every season update, the credits available in your game resets, so it is a wise choice to spend all the credits available before the season ends.

There are a lot of season rewards that you can earn by winning matches and getting higher ranks. It is the best way to keep the players motivated to play the Rocket League game.

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Rocket League Season Rewards

Rocket League Season rewards are the best ways to motivate the players to continue playing the game. There is an effortless procedure to unlock the season rewards. To unlock the season rewards, you need to win up to 10 matches in any rank or higher than your current rank to receive that rank’s reward.

Rocket League Season End
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To earn rewards at each rank, you need to win ten matches at that current rank. For example, you need to win at least ten games in bronze rank. You need to win at least ten games in silver rank and similarly for all the other ranks. Below is the distribution of the ranks in the Rocket League game.

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Keep in mind that every rank has a total of 3 tiers in it. So you have to win at least ten matches in that rank to receive the award.

Rocket League Season 14 End

Rocket League Season 14 Rewards
Credits: Rocket League

When Rocket League was a paid game, there were 14 seasons in the paid version of the game. The Rocket League’s Season 14 lasted for about six months before the game was declared free to play. Rocket League’s Season 14 started on 25 March 2020 and ended on 23 September 2020, and on the same day, the game became free to play.

So there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the Rocket League Season End. This article had covered both the season ends, i.e., when the game was a paid game and when the game became free to play.

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