Rocket League Tips and Tricks! Full Guide for beginners

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Here is all you want to know about Rocket League Tips and Tricks. In this article, we will tell you some useful Rocket League Tips and Tricks. But before that, let’s take a brief look at Rocket League.

About Rocket League

Rocket League®
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Rocket League is a Popular vehicular Soccer video game. Psyonix developed and published this game on 7th July 2015. This game was first released for Microsoft Windows (PC) and Sony PlayStation 4 in July 2015. And at June 2016, the game was also released for Xbox, Nintendo Switch and later released for MacOS and Linux too. The fanbase of the game is really huge and dedicated. It’s growing every year, probably because of the Rocket League Championship Series(RLCS) signing a bond with NBC in 2017 and live telecasting the Tournament on TV.

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Rocket League Turns Free-to-Play Later in Summer 2020 as It Hits Epic Games Store
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If you are a beginner, the game might be a bit frustrating because things may not go as planned. But once you understand basic game mechanics, you will be addicted. As the game matches are fast-paced and short. Once you start the game and play on a higher level, you will see the people are just demolishing you. It is quite frustrating sometimes getting demolished by some random person every time just because you did it by mistake.

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If you want to get good in the Rocket League, here are some tips and tricks that will help you to get good and give you a Head start.

Rocket League Tips and tricks


Rocket League Is The Right Game For Right Now
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  • The first and important Rule Be Cool, Calm, and confident.

    Not only in Rocket League, but you must be Cool, Calm, and confident in other games too. Try not to get tilted because of teammate, Just be Cool and motivate others, be Calm if you lose your mind it will affect the gameplay of every player on your team. And be confident at your decisions because if you can think it, you can do it, but if you are not confident enough, you will fail even if you made that move right.

  • Learn the Camera Basics And set it according to your comfort level.

    Before Hopping into the casual or competitive matches, take your time to go to practice mode and set your camera position as if it helps you focus on the ball and your goalposts. Take your time to experiment with the Field of View, Camera Distance from your car, Camera angle, and many more, as everyone has a different perspective on how the camera position should be. Go ahead and meddle with your setting.

  •  Rotation and Positioning.

    Rotation and Positioning are essential because when you first enter the 3v3 or 4v4, you will notice that everyone Runs for the ball like Barbarians. Which is a Chaos, but once you are into the game for a while. Things will make sense. You will notice a pattern of how the players are rotating and positioning for every situation. here are some best positioning for different mode types.

  • For 2v2:

    It is totally situational as it is a duo. But still, you can manage to defend if a player passed and is ready to get back to defend. You can play aggressive, but there is a chance you may lose because of not defending the goal.

    For 3v3:

    One player can defend but staying on the post is also not a good option as you have to support your teammate. Two forward holding their sides and the goalkeeper lurking behind thier teammate from the centre is a good strategy. As if something goes wrong defender go back easily work for the defence. The same strategy for the offence will help as a defender lurking in mid, and on both sides, we have two aggressive players. So if a player from any side to mid, the goalkeeper will be on the way to take the shot.

    for 4v4:

    Two aggressive, one striker and one defender/Goalie will help a lot. As the striker will be at the centre just like the 3v3 Goalie strategy, which will also help more to defend the goal as well as Take the shot to score.

    Note: These strategies worked for my team and me. It does not mean it will always work for everyone. Try experimenting with the strategy which works the best for your team.

  • Learning every feature of the game.

    It is important to know every feature of the game if you really want to win. Take your time to learn the ball mechanics and using boost and its duration, flipping on-air, and more. There is a practice mode to learn almost every feature of the gameplay mechanics.

  • Passing and playing as a team.

    Dribbling through players juking them and scoring looks cool, but you can’t always play solo. Because the defence of other players is strong enough to stop the shot you take. Passing the ball and playing with the team will not only loosen the defence but will also make the gameplay look more stylish and cool. Your team will also love you for your supportive attitude.

  • Try avoiding playing with Randoms.

    Avoid playing randoms unless you want to make friends. If you want to enjoy as well as win play with friends because it might be really frustrating and hard to cooperate with them. And if you are unlucky, you will get toxic players who will ruin the gaming experience and tilt you for no reason. Therefore I personally prefer not to play with random if you don’t want to ruin your day.

  • Don’t be Toxic or support Toxicity.

    As there are times, you get tilted, but if you control yourself on that part and get through with it. The chances of a comeback will increase as it won’t ruin anyone’s mood. Don’t support Toxicity as you will never know what the person is going through in his personal life. If someone on your team is toxic, Report him and hope for the best in the next game.


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