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Among us has been in the development state for a pretty long time, and fans have also made a new version. With all the new things happening, Innerlsoth has decided to get new skins for the players. Unlock the Christmas season hats and get along with the spirit of joy and happiness.

How to unlock Christmas hats in Among Us 

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According to the sources, holiday hats or Christmas hats will be free for PC and mobile users. So, if you are playing on December 25th, you will get a chance to wear the new hats in Among us. There are different times for mobile and PC users; let’s check them out.

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Christmas hats for Mobile users

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Unfortunately, Christmas hats are not free for mobile users. But you can change your device’s global time to change get a chance to grab the Christmas hat.

  1. Go and change your Date and time in system settings.
  2. Turn off the “Set Automatically.”
  3. Change the date to December 24th at 11:59 p.m.
  4. Start Among us on your mobile phone, and wait till 25th December. Now host a local or online game.
  5. Go to the laptop and click it or select Customize.
  6. You will find the Christmas Hats for sale in the store.


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Christmas hats for PC users

among us christmas hat - Gamestanza

Fortunately for PC users, it is  free! So could you hurry up and grab them ASAP? We guess this is due to the game’s purchase, as PC users have to buy the game from Steam.

  1. Like every other step done for mobile, the same goes for PC.
  2. Change the time and wait till 25th December. 
  3. Load up a Lobby, either Local or Online
  4. Click the laptop to Customize your character and look under Hats to find the Christmas Hats
  5. And you have a Christmas hat, now go and murder some crewmates with this hat XD          


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