Among Us TV show coming to Disney XD?

    A new Disney XD the show is in the works, but it’s not for about two years from now. This show will be called Among Us

    Among Us will be a live-action Disney XD series that follows five teenage aliens posing as humans who are forced to abandon everything they know after all of their parents are “erased” by invaders. The kids then go on an adventure and discover who they really are, ultimately saving Earth along the way.  Among Us is from writer Paul Dini ( Batman: The Animated Series ) and co-executive producer/director Alan Burnett ( Batman: The Animated Series ). No word yet if any of these characters (or actors) will be related to Dexter’s Laboratory or the Justice League.

    When will the show officially debut on Disney XD?

    How many episodes are there going to be on Among Us? For now, there is no specific number of episodes that have been planned for Among Us. It depends on the success of the series. Will there be a new voice cast in 2013? Yes, a few new actors will be cast in Among Us, but Paul Dini and Alan Burnett will stay to write/direct as well as other members of creative staff.

    The popularity of the original “Among Us” has fueled discussions for a possible sequel.
    Among Us TV show coming to Disney XD?

    According to an unverified tweet on the Disney XD Twitter account, a TV show called Among Us will be airing on October 7th of this year. Many fans are excited about this tweet, as it has led them to believe that Disney XD is working on an “Among Us” TV show.

    A tweet suggesting that the Disney TV show Among Us is coming to Disney XD is not real.The tweet is from a parody account, and in no way related to DisneyXD. The official Twitter handle of Disney XD is @DisneyXD. So if we ever get an Among Don’t follow unofficial Twitter accounts about our TV show. They might be fake. Follow the official account for the latest updates.

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