Epic Games Store is Giving Among Us for Free!!!

Epic Games Store is Giving Among Us for Free!!!
The Epic Games store is giving away Among Us for free. Since its release in late December, the game has been available on other stores, but Epic Games wanted to give everyone a chance to play it for free before the winter holidays are over. This promotion will last until January 1st, 2020.

Epic Games Store is Giving Among Us for Free!!!
Some people are excited because they may have never heard about this game before and it can be a fun way to start playing games on the Epic Games store. Other players are ecstatic that there is now an opportunity for them to try out Among Us without spending any money!

If you do decide to purchase among us after trying it, Epic Games will give all your previous progress in-game when you buy the full version again at some point later down the line – so don’t worry if you’re not sure if this offer is worth exploring!

Among US features and gameplay



– Among Us is a survival horror game where players must cooperatively make their way through an abandoned mall to find the truth about what happened to it. The story unfolds as you play, and can be completely different for every player!

Epic Games Store is Giving Among Us for Free!!!

– Players are encouraged to work together with one person playing at a time while others coach them remotely. There’s no online multiplayer mode either – only local co-op so that friends or family members can enjoy this experience without having internet access. This makes it perfect if you want something cooperative that doesn’t require being connected constantly as Fortnite does!

what are the requirements among us? The requirements for Among Us are:

– Windows XP/Vista with Service Pack SP0 or later (64-bit)

– Intel Core I series or AMD equivalent with a minimum of two cores and four threads. Epic Games recommends an Intel Core I series because it’s optimized for the Unreal Engine, but you can use any processor that meets those specifications.

One more thing to know is if your computer has less than 16GB RAM we recommend installing on a solid-state drive rather than a hard disk drive to avoid any performance issues, which will be noticeable when loading levels!

We hope we’ve provided all the information and for more Such Content! Stay tuned with Game Stanza!


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