let’s see about the last update of Among Us

    let’s see about the last update of Among Us
    has pulled out an update to its popular 2D strategy game. Among Us is now one of the most popular and most payed games in the world, and the developers are always trying to improve the game. The new update brings some bug fixes and also some new additions to the game. The update released across all consoles and platforms.

    let’s see about the last update of Among Us

    let's see about the last update of Among Us


    Among Us uses coloured 2D characters as playable characters. This time, the developers have added six new colours to the game. They have kept the fact in mind that no two colours should be similar. Also, these colours can also be distinguished by people affected with colour blindness. More colours will mean more options to choose from.

    The next big update they have been planning for is increasing the lobby size. InnerSloth is trying to make the game playable by as many as fifteen players together, and hence the increase in lobby size. Also, the meeting screen will be bigger to adapt all the players to discuss together.

    Bug Fixes


    let's see about the last update of Among Us

    The update has also brought various game fixes. There are fixes for many platforms, from Android to Nintendo.

    For Android players, you will be relieved to know that the annoying pink bug has been fixed now. Previously, players complained that if they selected pink colour character, the game showed just a pink rectangle. There were also other minor fixes besides this. This bug was also reported by Chromebook users. Other fixes include some changes in lobby, login screen and Create Game screen.

    PC users complained about text issues, which have been taken care of. Plus, the ping counter has been restored.

    Nintendo Switch users had a dangerous bug of allowing multiple users to play on the same device. This has been fixed, and some other bugs have also been taken care of.

    About the Game

    let's see about the last update of Among Us

    Among Us is a strategy game developed by InnerSloth. It is a 2D multiplayer game that features five to fifteen players. One to three players act as imposters and kill the crewmates while they try to do some tasks and identify the imposters correctly. The game uses a voting style and has a chatbox during meeting calls. Players can talk and discuss by writing in the chatbox.

    Among Us was very popular last year, and saw many players actively getting into it. Players praised the concept of the game and the gameplay. Being a 2D game in this era is a real risk, but InnerSloth knows how to develop an exciting title. The game has many maps and can use a various number of players to play. Players can also create a room of their own and play with friends together.

    InnerSloth was planning for a new Amon Us game, which would be a paid application for Android. But they decided to discard the project and continue with the development of the already successful previous game.

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