When is Among Us new map coming? Sneak-peek into new map: Among us

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Among Us new map. After a blast premiere of Among us, The developers are getting in a new map and some additional language in some new features.

The famous deduction game Among Us will soon be adding a new map into their map pool where crew members can die horribly. It was announced by the developers Inner sloth with a new image teaser.

How to play Among Us: Beginner's guide, tutorial, and frequently asked questions
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Although Among Us was released in 2018, it didn’t become that popular until 2020, due to a few Twitch streamers playing it on their channel and a desperate need for the audience to grab onto something as a time pass activity during the COVID lockdown. Among Us came into the limelight. The game became so suddenly popular that InnerSloth had to halt the sequel for Among us and started developing the original game by adding new maps and updating the features.

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Among us New patch update

Balance changes

  • Comms sabotage hides task arrows
  • Comms red light no longer immediately responds to the correct position


Bug fixes

  • Camera flinging on security cams
  • Inaccurate admin table on Polus
  • Polus panels reachable through walls
  • solo-complete reactor/seismic exploit
  • Align engine exploit and soft lock

Upcoming Among us Updates 

Among Us patch squashes bugs and fixes exploits ahead of new map reveal | PC Gamer
Credit: PC gamer
  • Accounts. Priority wise, the account system is being nailed down and in line with privacy policies. The first focus for accounts will be to bring reporting and moderation integrated ASAP. The developers are trying to make the community more welcoming, respectful places, which will be a first step in tackling the toxicity and hacking. 
  • Languages. The game is localized, so Among Us can be enjoyed anywhere! The plan will be to get these languages in French, Italian, German, Spanish EU and LA, Dutch, Russian, BR and EU Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino (Bisaya). 

Among Us new map sneak peek


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