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Among us zombie mode. After the sneak peeks of New Among us map, fans are waiting for the next update. Due to the rapid growth of attention towards Among us, Thanks to Streamers! 

Among Us NEW ZOMBIE Gamemode
Credit: Youtube


Until the next map update, among us has only three maps to play with. Well, there was a scope of update required; as of now, Innersloth is back with a new game mode. A new mod slightly changes the Among Us experience by making one player an infected zombie each round. 

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Among us Zombie Mode

Zombie Mode - Among Us Modded Game Lobby
Credit: The Helpful Gamer


The new Zombie mod changes the original gameplay of Among us; the imposter’s starting infects one of the people. After 15 seconds, the player will turn into a Zombie, and he/she will infect the rest of the crew to win the match. Zombies have reduced vision and speed, which gives crewmates the chance to escape. Crewmates can also win the game by completing all of their tasks. 

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New Mode Reaction

YouTuber MaskedGamer uploaded a video of a zombie Among Us lobby that shows how intense the mode can be. Players attempted to hide from zombies as they completed their tasks, but it is almost impossible to escape multiple zombies.

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MaskedGamer also warned the first zombie from using the kill button as it crashes the game and forces all players to the main menu. This appears to be the only major glitch as the mod ran smoothly in the rest of the match.
An official Among Us zombies mode would likely be popular, but InnerSloth appears to be focused on introducing a new map first.


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