Vita Brevis Destiny 2 – An All New Exotic Sparrow in Destiny 2. How to Get This Secret Vehicle? : Destiny 2

Getting this NEW exotic sparrow is a daunting and long task. But once you get it- you’ll know it’s worth the effort. In this article, we are going to discuss about Vita Brevis Destiny 2. So, kindly read this article till the end to know everything about it.

Vita Brevis destiny 2 - An All New Exotic Sparrow in Destiny 2. How to Get This Secret Vehicle? : Destiny 2

The season chosen is the 13th season of Destiny 2 which started on February 9th and is still ongoing. It will end on May 11th. You can relax and enjoy it while they can.  New things were introduced and are still being added- one of those new things is “Vita Brevis.”

Nothing’s better than exploring the vast lands of Destiny 2 in an exotic sparrow/vehicle. At least, it’s better in comparison to walking and running around. Sounds tiring, right?

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Vita Brevis Destiny 2

“Life is too short to waste on a slow ride.”

Written on the description of the Sparrow Vita Brevis, and damn right, it is true. Don’t you think guardians?  

Vita Brevis comes with speed 160 and has three perks as follows:

Custom Drive, A legendary Sparrow Engine that is an expertly tuned NLS drive, providing the best possible performance.

Random Mod, A mod with arbitrarily generated upgrades.

Destabilizers, A rare Sparrow Mod

Now the question arises: how to get this sparrow? 

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Challenger’s Proving VII Quest

This amazing exotic is rewarded to the guardian after they complete Challenger’s Proving VII Quest.

To complete this quest, you need to complete certain objectives given by Zavala, the tower’s current titan vanguard.

Vita Brevis destiny 2 - An All New Exotic Sparrow in Destiny 2. How to Get This Secret Vehicle? : Destiny 2

There are 7 total objectives, and most aren’t much more than talking or getting a certain thing. Only in the 4th and 5th objectives, you’ll have to complete a combat mission. Let’s get into it!

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Objectives | Vita Brevis Destiny 2

  • In the first objective, you’ll have to acquire 40 cabal gold, which is not hard and can be done by doing activities in-game. If you already have this much, then this objective will auto-complete. Sweet!
  • In the second Objective, you have to socket the hammer of proving.
  • The Third objective is to complete a Vanguard battleground mission and smash the chest in the end with your hammer. Good luck with that!
  • In the next objective, you have to return to the tower and talk to Zavala.
  • After that, in the 5th objective, you have to complete a proving ground strike in Nessus.
  • Completing the strike, you have to go back to Crow in HELM.
  • Now go back to Zavala and talk to him, which will be your last objective to complete this quest.

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