Epic Games Free Games list – Christmas Offers 2020 : Epic Games

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As the whole world is disturbed due to the Covid 19 pandemic, there is actually something exciting for the gamers to enjoy. Epic Games lovers are blessed with Christmas gift offerings as Epic Games provides a list of free games for its store gamers. The complete list of free epic games was leaked on social media, so the fans already knew what to expect. With free games, fans will add one free game to their store library every day. These are some of the Epic Games Free Games List, check it out!!

Epic Games Free Games list - Christmas Offers: Epic Games

Free Games List

A list was viral and leaked on the internet, acknowledged as the epic games free list for 15 days starting from December 17th to December 31st, and the interesting thing is the list proven to be authentic till now. On December 17th, cities skylines were free for epic games users, on December 18thOddward New ‘n’ Tasty, the game made free on December 19th was the long Dark, the free game for December 20th was Defense Grid the Awakening, for December 21st, the free game was Alien Isolation, for December 22nd the free game was Metro 2033, for December 23rd the free game was Tropico 5 and for the free game was December 24th Inside.

Epic Games Free Games list - Christmas Offers: Epic Games

If the list is to be believed, the games epic games user will be getting free for the next six days are,

  • December 25thDarkest Dungeon
  • December 26thMy time in Portia
  • December 27th Nights in The wood
  • December 28thStandard Deep
  • December 29thSolitarcia
  • December 30thTorchlight 2
  • December 31stJurassic World Evolution

More Exciting Offers in the Holiday Sale

There is also a holiday sale going on in which the epic games users can buy certain titles at an amazing discount of 75% off. The games will only be available for 24 hours, so gamers only have that much time to add them to their stores. The biggest surprise was the inclusion of the game, Darkest Dungeon as it is not yet available on EGS but will be available on the PC platform. Epic Games have also announced the return of their limitless Euro 10 Coupon promotion, which is applicable on purchases of euro 13.99 or over. You can log on to your EGS account and claim your voucher. You can get some of the best games for very cheap, like Bugsnax,  Immortals Fenyx Rising, and Disco Elysium.

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