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Dying Light Epic Games. All the video game lovers out there get ready for some pretty exciting news. Holiday season is here with Christmas just around the corner. Various sales and offers ranging from fashion brands to furnishing deals have already begun. Just like last year, Epic Games has decided to be Santa Claus and bestow you with a number of presents.

Epic Games Free Games offer

Epic Games is known for its wide-ranging game store with listings of hundreds of attention-grabbing games. The store enlists Cyberpunk, Snowrunner, Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Grand Theft Auto Five, Godfall are some games to name but a few. Well, our next news will certainly get you quite hyped up.

Epic Games has decided to gift you 15 free games this holiday season for fifteen days straight. Why wait, go hurry log-in into your account at epic games and check your wishlist getting free. The new free games are available for you to catch for 24 hours. Have a look!


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Dying Light game Free on Epic Games news is fake

Alright, so there may have been some news going around about the game Dying Light for it being available free during this offer but it’s probably a rumor. There may be chances for it to have been made available last year. It’s just some previous fake update being wrapped up in a new shiny paper. There’s no official broadcast of list of games that are freely accessible for this holiday offer.

The Free Games offer on Epic Games works with a new game being revealed every single day for 15 days straight. So far, chance to get Alien Isolation, Defense Grid: The Awakening , The Long Dark, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, Cities: Skylines has gone. Don’t lose hope just yet, because more fascinating games awaits.

Keep a lookout on the epic games site for they are offering best benefiting deals this giving season.

For more amazing news and updates stick around. Happy Gaming!

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