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Skyrim best light armor. Are you confused about which light armor you want to use?. In this article, we will talk about some of the Skyrim best Light armor you can choose through. But before that, let’s take a quick look at The game Skyrim itself.

About Skyrim

skyrim light armor - Gamestanza

The Elders Scroll V: Skyrim was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and Iron Galaxy and was published by Bethesda Softworks. This game is known for its best way to deliver the Action open world and Role-playing part of this game. Skyrim was Officially released on the 11th of November 2011 and is available for all the platforms, excluding mobile devices.

The Game Skyrim takes place after 201 years ahead after the events of Oblivion but is not a sequel of oblivion. Skyrim is a Province of the Empire on the continent of Tamriel, led by a civil war between two Factions. The Imperial Region is led by General Tullius and The StormCloaks, led by Ulfric Stormcloak, the yarl of windhelm. The main character(player) is a Dragonborn, a human born with a  special soul and the power of Alduin. Alduin is a dragon lost in time and somehow returns to Tamriel, Who’s the game’s primary nemesis. Alduin is the first Dragon Created by Akatos, One of the God from The elder scroll’s series’ which is predicted to destroy and devour the world.

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Skyrim’s Best light Armor ranked from 10

  • Shrouded Armor

    This Tight armor set is Gifted to the person(player) who joins the Clan of Dark Brotherhood. Basically, the armor set is enchanted with the Special ability boost basically used by Thieves and assassins type players. This set will appear more common in-game, and other variations of this set become available as soon as you join the Clan.
    The armor’s basic version has an armor rating of 58, while some other variants have approximately 72 armor rating.

  • Ancient Falmer Armor


    This unique Armor set cannot be crafted. But it can be upgraded with some moonstone ore eventually. This Ancient Falmer Armor has a Unique appearance just like its rarity and looks almost like a combination of Ebony and elven armor set. To obtain this armor, you will need to have the DawnGuard DLC, and you have to defeat the ArchCurate Vyrthur on the quest “Touching the sky” and loot his corpse.
    The Ancient Falmer Armor has an armor rating of 60.

  • Dawnguard Armor

The “DawnGuard DLC” is mandatory to have this armor. This DLC also Introduces To New Clan that fights the Volkihar Vampires. The recruits can Choose Between Heavy and Light armor set. The Light armor is a slightly Modded version of the Heavy armor with some light armor features. You can find this armor easily, and it also can be repurchased. But it can’t be Crafted.

The DawnGuard armor set will Give the player a decent amount of armor rating of 61.

  • Scaled Armor

The Scaled Armor is a Vanilla game base light armor that is easy to find while hunting bandits. But still, if you find it difficult finding it, you can craft if you have smithing level 50 and advanced armor perks unlocked. The tools required for crafting this armor are Corundim ingot, leather, leather strips, and steel ingots. After wearing a full Scaled armor set, it will give an armor rating of 64.

  • Nightingale Armor

Nightingale armor is the best and unique looking armor set you can find in the game. To acquire this armor, you will need to crew up with the thieves guild, and you will get two different types of unique armor. One of them is the Guild’s Master armor, and after completing the mission of the Guild and doing the Nocturnal’s bidding, you get the most unique armor: The Nightingale Armor Set.

You will need Void salts to upgrade this Armor, and You will get an Armor rating of 69.

  • Guild Master’s Armor

    For the Guild Master Armor, you will only need to complete the Guild’s missions and some errands for Delvin and vex. After Doing those missions, Tonilia will gift you the Guild Master’s Armor set. And it can be upgraded with the most common crafting resource, Leather.Unlike The Nightingale, the Guild master Armor set has A decent Armor Rating of 74, which is worth grinding for.

  • Chitin Armor

The Chitin Armor can be easily be mistaken with the Morag Tong Armor, which is Included in the “Dragonborn DLC.” Chitin Armor can be found in locations around Solstheim. And can also be crafted if the player has Smithing level 30+ and Elven smithing perk unlocked.

Resources required for crafting the chitin armor are Netch leather, Chitin plate, and iron ingots. Full chitin set with a shield equipped will give an armor rating of 85. Almost close to a basic heavy armor.

  • Glass ArmorSkyrim best light armor - GamestanzaGlass Armor is on our third Rank of Skyrim best light armor as it’s not as weak as it sounds like. You will find this armor when you are around level 36 or lower. And you can find it in stores, but it will cost you a lot more than its armor rating.You can craft this Armor at Smithing level 70 and Glass smithing per unlocked. Resources required to craft this are Refined Moonstone, Refined Malachite, Leather, and Leather strips. Full Glass armor set with a shield equipped will give an Armor Rating of 100 to 103.

  • Stalhrim Light Armor

Skyrim best light armor - Gamestanza

Stalhrim Ore only available in “Dragonborn DLC.”  You can craft both Heavy and light armor sets, and many shopkeepers in solsthiem sell this armor. You get this Armor set from loot around level 35. You can craft this armor with smithing level 80 and Ebony Smithing Perk Unlocked.

Resources required for crafting this set are  Stalhrim, Leather, Leather Strips, Steel Ingots, and quicksilver ingots. Full stalhrim armor set with a shield equipped has an armor rating of 108.

  • Dragonscale Armor

Skyrim best light armor - Gamestanza

And at first, we kept the Dragonscale Armor, which is the game’s best light armor. This DragonScale Armor can’t be easily found in drops. So Crafting this is the best option.
You need smithing Level 100 and The Dragon Armor perk unlocked.

Only Dragon Scale is required to Craft this armor. The full Dragon Scale armor will a shield equipped has an armor rating of 111, making it almost equal to some heavy armors. These are all the Skyrim best light armor in the game, Do check out more articles related to other games on Gamestanza.


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