Destiny 2 Exotic Sparrows – Flame Trail and Rarity : Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Exotic Sparrows is another type of exotic sparrow that everyone is discussing right now. If you have clicked on this link, that means you have come to the right place. Read this article till the end to know everything about Destiny 2 Exotic Sparrows.

If you’re new to the Destiny game and you want to know what a sparrow is? Sparrows are cool hoverbikes that allow you to move with a greater speed than on foot. The word Sparrow is basically originated from the “Sparrow” bird who is lighter and can move freely and quickly.

Destiny 2 Exotic Sparrows: How to get it?

To discover the amazing exotic sparrow with Flame Trail and Rarity, there are two ways to do it. The first way is you need to complete the entire main story campaign and the Second way is to reach level 20. So, to discover the sparrow in destiny 2 I am providing you the video in which the detailed steps are explained.

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How to get a Sparrow by Completing the Destiny 2 Campaign?

  • First Complete the Destiny 2 campaign.
  • Now Head towards the rebuilt Tower and speak with Amanda Holliday who is in the Hangar.
  • She will let you choose one of three basic Sparrows which is absolutely for free.
  • If you want a better sparrow than the default one then Everis(who’s on the farm) will provide you Bright Engram box after completing the campaign and the box will either contain a Legendary or Exotic Sparrow.

How to get a Sparrow Through Bright Engrams in Destiny 2?

  • Finish the Homecoming Mission then after that, there will be an attack sequence which will be followed by unlocking the farm.
  • When you arrive on the farm there will be the first story mission which will be the Spark Mission, you need to complete the spark mission to unlock the Eververse shop.
  • Tess Everis arrives after the Spark Mission then you will have access to her shop called Eververse. Which sells Bright Engrams but only to the guardians who reached level 20.
  • You can now buy the Bright Engrams from her once you reach level 20 where you receive another 3 sparrows for free.
  • The video tutorial shows how to get them.

So, This is how you can get exotic sparrows.

Now, I will tell you about the unlocked sparrows available in destiny 2. As exotic Sparrows are not viewable in the collections tab unless you own them, these sparrows include Flame Trail and Rarity.

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There are 20 class Sparrows. Each class will carry different Sparrows in their tier.

  • Vanguard Sparrows: Sparrow S-10V
  • Titan Sparrows: S-20 Cavalier, S-21 cavalier, S-22 cavalier.
  • Hunter Sparrows: S-20 Normad, S-21 Normad, S-22 Normad.
  • Warlock Sparrows: S-20 Skeeter, S-20 Skeeter, S-20 Skeeter.

The video showcases all the available Sparrows  in Destiny 2:


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