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Stay tuned with us to know all the details about the Spider on the Wall World of Warcraft quest. Comment your ideas and opinions for the same. 

What’s this spider on the wall?

  • Spider on the Wall is the name of a quest in World of Warcraft. It is a world quest that starts and ends automatically. Though it is quite fascinating, it didn’t make that big of a hit as expected by the team.
  • The difficulty level of this game is 60, also, to participate in this quest, the player must be of level 60. It came into the game along with the release of patch. The whole quest takes place in the Maldraxxus map.
  • On completing the quest, players will receive 8150 experience and 125 reputation with “The Undying Army”.
  • The quest begins from the House of the Chosen where you will be interacting with an ANPC named Khaliiq. While speaking, he will offer to hide you in the shadow.
  • Accept the offer to get your hands on the Blessing os Eyes and the Widow Venom. The former will enable you to use stealth mode while the latter can stun a target for 30 secs.
  • Both the abilities that you get are temporary but is long enough for you to complete the quest in a go. Your objective is to get the Requisitioner’s scroll, Patrol Schedule and the Envoy’s Letter.

Spider on the Wall World of Warcraft

Spider on the Wall World of Warcraft - All "must knows" : World of Warcraft

  • To complete the first objective, head to the Ragebringer Terrace where you must activate your stealth mode. There you will find a character named Requisitioner Kem. Ensure that the mob doesn’t spot you and go for the scroll. Once you get, be quick enough to make an escape.
  • Start towards Prime Seigeworks which falls quite close from your current location. You will get a glimpse of an undead elite. This character’s name is Mel’san and he will have the Envoy letter in his pocket. Steal it and make a run without getting spotted by the mobs who can see through your cloak.
  • Then, head to the Unyielding assembly and keep an eye for Captain Hawken. This character will have the Patrol schedule in his armour. Sneak past the other guards without getting caught and also grab hold the patrol schedule. This will mark the end of your quest.

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