Rainbow 6 Siege Legacy – Everything about the Legacy Mode : Rainbow 6 Siege

It’s finally here the Rainbow 6 Siege Legacy version comes to the arcade. It will be available from 17th December to the 5th of January 2021. The Legacy arcade is a siege version from the starting days of it. Now I am going to provide you every single detail of it. So, read the article and enjoy.

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What is Rainbow 6 Siege Legacy?

Back in December 2015, the launch of Rainbow Six Siege, where you had a total of 20 operators, and you have to choose from the original base operator 10 on each team and with no stinking DLC operator and frost and buck operators hadn’t been released yet. So in this Legacy Arcade mode, you will have one option to choose from 20 main operators.

The 20 main operators will have their original capabilities, and all of the gadgets will be loaded at the start of your game. Where you find the new JAGER ACOG is brought in the new version.

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What’s new in the Legacy mode?

Rainbow 6 Siege Legacy - All you need to know about the new release of Rainbow 6 Siege "Legacy" version : Rainbow 6 Siege
Credits: Dexerto
  • Here we will play like the old version but set up like the older version, but in the new one, we will have the new Mechanical and modern Rainbow 6 Siege with old elements that are really cool.
  • The game mode is also bombed with the two new maps: the old house plane and old Hereford, which is really amazing.
  • The Old house map has a tiny map that focused on the older version, which is freaking amazing.
  • Although there is no red scope for glass in the newer version, ACOG does an amazing job at it.

I hope you guys enjoyed watching it. To know more about the game and other different updates about Rainbow 6 Siege, visit their official website.

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