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This article is all about The Evil within 2, its Feature, and How was the game in its development stage. This game is all about the thrilling Horror mix in it. Before we talk more about it, let’s take a look at the Developers and the team.

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About The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 - Gamestanza

The evil within 2 is a third-person survival horror video game developed by the tango game and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game is specially designed for playstation4, windows, and X-box. The game was released in October 2017. This game is a sequence of The evil within, released in 2014. The games’ story proceeds around a detective-Sebastian who starts his journeys in a twisted world to save his daughter.

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The development of the game began in March 2015. The game development was supervised by director Shinji Mikami who stepped down from his position. He became the producer of this second game. The director of The Evil Within 2 was John Johanas. Their main focus was to create such a game story that was easier for the players to understand. They wanted to create a game that is the perfect combination of thrill and horror. A game where players can experience high levels of adrenalin while playing and gives the players time to regain their composure. The games writing team has put a lot of effort into creating the games’ psychological horror aspects, as the game tells a more personal story.

The Evil Within 2

The first game’s shifting realities concept has also been applied to the second game, but there is a bit more logic to it.  The 2:5:1 aspect ratio in the first game had been removed in game 2 as it received mixed responses.

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The Evil Within 2 Latest Features

The game provides players with larger maps and a communicator. With the communicator’s help, players can locate the objectives, resources, and enemies in the game world. Players can freely explore the map area, complete the side challenges, and scout for scarce resources. The game also reveals resonance points for the players with which Players can get hints of what is happening globally. Players can also engage in confrontations and kills with the enemies using weapons like guns. Or the players can also use stealth to stay hidden from the enemies and sneak behind them to kill them.

The Evil Within 2

The game also features a crafting system. Here gamers can also create weapons like ammo. Players can craft items any time they want but doing so in the workspace uses fewer resources. There is also a customization tool in the game where Sebastian’s abilities can be customized, i.e., health, stealth, combat, recovery, and athleticism. Weapons can also be customized using the parts of weapons the players have collected.

There you have it guys. This was pretty much everything that you need to know about The Evil Within 2. For more updates on The Evil Within 2 make sure to follow Game Stanza on Google News and visit the game’s official website to get more games related to The Evil Within 2.

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