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Aren’t you curious about knowing the unknown? Sure, it can be scary but see it as a game…LITERALLY! For folks who are willing to take their first step towards horror genre video games, Resident Evil 7 (or RE7) comes as a riveting experience. With worldwide sales of the game of 8 million, the Resident Evil franchise certainly provides its cult-following with a splendidly spooky world to play in.

Resident Evil 7: What’s New and Different this time?

Resident Evil 7 - Gamestanza

Capcom unquestionably proved its buyers wrong in 2017, who expected a similar installment such as RE 6 Resident Evil 7 diverges from its more action-oriented predecessor, stressing exploration. In a derelict plantation inhabited by an infected family, the player controls Ethan Winters as he searches for his wife, solving puzzles and battling enemies.

Long since Capcom’s original Resident Evil (1996) reached the market, the series’s latest numbered game is more than just a return to shape. Resident Evil 7 effectively shows that Capcom still has versatility and plot space left to explore in what is by far its most popular and commercially successful franchise yet. The dissimilarity of RE7 to its polarising predecessor from action-oriented fighting and effects to a more horror-based approach was well received. In RE7, the family home you visit is dark and mangled and labyrinthine.

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Resident Evil 7: Reviews from Around the Globe

Resident Evil 7 - Gamestanza

The atmosphere of RE7 is superb, and the characters stick with you. Basically, RE7 brought back everything I loved about the series. Ethan is just a normal dude with no specialized fighting skills. When enemies begin to appear in the Baker kitchen, both the Bakers and some other intimidating competitors, Ethan’s best tactic is always to run like hell. A big issue is the lack of enemy variety. Having new guns is not really satisfying (the magnum or machine gun is underwhelming), and the plot seems pretentious.

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The Final Verdict

Resident Evil 7 - Gamestanza

Resident Evil 7 is an OK title, but it feels more like a software demo than a full package worthy of becoming a mainline RE game for the RE Engine. Overall, the lighting is excellent, character models look realistic, and everything seems to run smoothly. It’s a return to the atmospheric, slow-burning horror of the original.

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