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About Fortnite Prisoner Stage 3

Fortnite Prisoner Stage 3. The Prisoner is a legendary costume in Fortnite. In the oncoming war with the evil Ice King and his frosty disciples, this hero seems to be gearing up to play a crucial role. Only those who have completed the 60 weekly battle pass challenges in Season 7 can access this rare outfit.

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Stages Of The Prisoner

The Prisoner contains four stages. The first stage is the default stage. After that, you can unlock stage 2, stage 3, and stage 4, respectively. Here I would be discussing Stage 3 of the Prisoner outfit.

Location Of Prisoner Stage 3

fortnite prison stage location - Gamestanza
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In the desert region of the map, Prisoner Stage 3 is located. In short, head to the hill just north of the Paradise Palms. After you reach there, you will get to see a small campfire, which will be at the top of the mountain. But, before all this, you all will need to complete 60 of your weekly challenges. We will help you out in unlocking stage 3 of the prisoner.

How to unlock stage 3 of  the prisoner

Fortnite Prison stage 3 - Gamestanza

After you have completed all the weekly challenges of Season 7, you will see the loading screen, in which our hero is in front of a campfire, with his back facing us. The loading screen holds a lot of significance, as it will only help you in unlocking stage 3 of the Prisoner. If you re-enact the Week 10 loading screen by lighting a fire with the outfit, it will cause the flames in glowing up his arms, which is how to unlock Stage 3 Prisoner in Fortnite. But, there is a catch, you need to be the one lighting the flame. If someone has done it before, you’re going to have to get back out of there. If the flame is already lit, then your chance of unlocking is most likely finished.

Expectation about stage 5

Fortnite Stage 3 prison - Gamestanza

As stage 4 of The Prisoner is already out, we won’t be talking about that. But, we will be discussing the possibilities of stage 5 coming out. While some Youtube videos mentioning Stage 5 of The Prisoner are available, our advice would be not to take them seriously, as they are just clickbait videos. The gaming community is excited about stage 5, but we should all wait before an official announcement is made. Go on and unlock stage 3( stage 4 too) until then, and enjoy playing as the prisoner, who will now appear to be more fierce, and bring you a more satisfying experience.

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