Apex Legends Season 12 Character will be mad maggie

    Apex Legends Season 12 Character will be mad maggie

    The next Apex Legends season has been in the works for quite a while, but gamers have also been guessing about who the female character would be. Gamers with sharp eyes have noticed several indications in the shape of a sunken ship on the Storm Point map, implying that somebody linked to Salvo or possibly Mad Maggie will be entering the battle royale game’s roster in the forthcoming season. Apex Legends Season 12 Character will be mad maggie

    Gamers can now put their crazy speculations to rest as Respawn has released the new Storylines from the Outlands feature, called Judgement, which confirms several significant aspects for the forthcoming season. The most important point would be that Mad Maggie will become Apex Games’ latest icon.

    Apex Legends Season 12 Character will be mad maggie

    On January 21the finest Apex Legends creative content tease to yet dropped a significant clue that Mad Maggie might be the new female characterWhen you join a Storm Pointyou may hear and watch a battle going to take place in the air just above the mapYou may hear a massive blast during the combatsignaling that one of the ships has indeed been shot downYou can see the ship begin to tumble towards the field in the northern area of Storm Point before it appears to make a warp space jump to an undetermined place just before the collisionHowevera section of the ship does not make iteventually collapsing on the bottom left peninsula of North Pad.


    Apex Legends Season 12 Character will be mad maggie

    The Apex Legends webpage also announced that the new season’s name will be Resistancewhich is an appropriate term for a warrior who believes herself as a freedom fighter attempting to push an invasive organization off her country’s landIt was also stated that there would be a new LTM called Control mode available during the first 3 weeks of the Resistance eventWith endless respawnsteams compete for control spots on the field in this 9v9 conflict.

    Maggie and Wally grew raised in this milieu becoming an extraordinarily efficient mercenaries, depending on one another years. Unlike Maggie, who aspired to become Salvo’s future leading warlord, acquiring the title Mad Maggie, Wally did fall in love with the splendor personality of Salvo’s arena blood sport: the Bocage. This caused a schism in the couple’s relationship.

    Apex Legends Season 12 Character will be mad maggie

    The present Apex Legends seriesnamed Escapeis set to conclude at January endtherefore anticipate detailed information on how Mad Maggie would play as well as what additional functions Defiance would feature in this game series of battle royale during the launch of the completegame teaser which is on 27 January.

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    For more such updates stay tuned with the game stanza!

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