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We all know, the Doom game series is known for some extremely violent graphics. It has been a constant headache for parents, who worry that this game may negatively affect their children. So worry not, here we are going to discuss the Doom Eternal Parents Guide.

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Doom Eternal

According to GameRevolution, ‘Doom Eternal is one of the best first-person shooters ever.‘ It was released in 2020. 

Doom Eternal is a first-person shooter game. The 5th game in the Doom series and a sequel to Doom, which was released in 2016. Doom Eternal can be played on Windows, Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

The game contains two modes which are, Single Player and Multiplayer mode.

Why has this Game been Rated M?

Doom Eternal Parents Guide - Gamestanza
Credits: Bleeding Cool

M Rating signifies that the game is not suitable for anyone who is aged below 17. The main reason behind the game rating is the amount of violence present and the amount of blood. The gameplay has a lot of blood and gore, including vivid descriptions of beheading and destruction. The game is also full of unsettling visuals and sounds.

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Doom Eternal Parents Guide

The game contains some disturbing visuals. It does not contain any explicit language, just some usage of words like DAMN here and there. The visuals might be very disturbing, with violence ranging from beheading and stab a demon with its own arms by tearing it apart. The game may be violent for some part of the players; and not for someone who easily gets disturbed by such scenes.

Doom Eternal Parents Guide - Gamestanza

When the enemy’s shotguns are fired, the blast causes some real looking damage, such as bits of flesh being blown away and grenades tearing them to shreds. When the player is low on Ammo, it will use a chainsaw to cut the demon.

Seeing the violence, some parents might think that this game should have been rated 18+, but we would partially not agree to that. We will be talking about this in our final verdict. But first, have a look at the rating summary of this game.

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Rating Summary

Doom Eternal Parents Guide
Credits: TechRadar

In Doom Eternal, the player dawns the role of a doom slayer, who battle demons. To battle demons, players are equipped with a wide range of weapons, like plasma rifles, shotguns, etc. When the demons are beheaded, they release a huge amount of blood. The demons can be sliced into parts using the chainsaw, whose visuals may be disturbing for some section of players. Battles are intense, which contain visuals of bullets, blood, and cries of pain.

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Our Verdict | Parents Guide

Though, we agree that the game contains some disturbing visuals in the form of gore and blood. But, not all children will be affected by these visuals, as the graphics will seem somewhat cartoonish in some parts. But, our advice will be that, if your child is below 13, then think of giving it a miss. You can give it a green signal for the teenagers, as we don’t think it contains anything up to that level that may disturb mental peace.

So this is pretty much all the information about Doom Eternal Parents Guide and how the parents think about this game. Visit their official website to know more information about the game and to know most of the secret locations.

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