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Missing out on some collectibles at the second level of the Doom Eternal Exultia? Looking for a guide to seize up all the toys and collectibles easy and quick? Here we are ready to offer you every bit of secret info for your assistance to find the Doom Eternal Exultia secrets.

Let’s dive right through it.

Where and How to find the Doom Eternal Exultia secrets

There are a total of 15 toys and collectibles to pick in the second level of Doom Eternal, Exultia.

The first extra life will be right near the beginning. Drop down the little secret area and collect an extra life. After you get that move to the next area and you’ll see a codex. Breakthrough the green wall and you’ll find the Codex:Exultia on the left and walk right past to collect.

Doom Eternal Exultia secrets

For the next one, you’ll have to come down to the cylinder area. Make your way down using a small elevator. Drop down the area and walk around to get to it. Also be cautious of the enemies on your way. You’ll find a Rune at the end of the hall way. It’s marked as an object so you definitely won’t miss it.

Exultia secrets

Further jump up from the rune hall way and get to the center area. Circle around it and you’ll get to collect another Extra life. If you check the map, place where you found the rune, you’ll see a question marked below. To reach to it follow the main story path way down and you’ll an opening to the right.  Enter the opening and break open the wall at the left. You’ll find the Arachnotron Toy.

Doom Eternal Exultia secrets

Next you got to complete the secret encounter which will lead you to the codex entry. Make your way around using tactics and you’ll get to a kneeling Sentinel statue. Turn around, jump to your objective and there you collect Codex Entry: The Wolf.

Doom Eternal Exultia secrets

To get to next codec entry, you’ll have to reach the area with the spinning blade. Reach to its center, push back the box, jump up right through the way and you’ll spot a codec entry Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Part 1.

the Secrect location

Further next reaching a brief cutscene where King Novik ends, head for the hallway behind the throne and pick up the codec Codex Entry: King Novik.

Now you have the access to the Sentinel Battery which you can acquire and move ahead to get next collectible. Next you arrive into hell and after the combat encounter you’ll see an arm reaching out to a crack leading you to a giant cube. Punch the cube on the right places and you’ll have the secret entrance to your next codec Album: At DOOM’s Gate.

Exultia secrets


Now for the next one, reach back to the arm and enter into the flesh cave to its right. Keep following the purple pathway until you find a wall in the center with an extra life at the corner. Climb over the wall and jump to the right to land near the Modbot.



For the next codex entry you’ll have to succeed the wall climbing segment. After you climb the final wall, you’ll spot Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Pt. 2.

Doom Eternal

Next after completing the second secret encounter, you’ll have to power up and shoot the gun which will break open the air opening. Keep trailing on the purple pathway leading you to the Sentinel Crystal.

The secrets

You’ll find your next codec entry near the Slayer Door. Go along the rock structures down and you’ll find Codex Entry: History of the Sentinels Pt. 3 in a safe corner.

After you end the falling platform segment, you’ll see a cave with green torchlight. Keep jumping above the cave and then you’ll have to dash through it to land on the Slayer Key. Use this key to open the Slayer Gate and fight the encounter to reach to the Empyrean Key.

Exultia secrets

Next reach up to the lava waterfall and jump across it rather falling down below. Turn around the corner and you’ll find Cacodemon Toy.

Doom Eternal Exultia secrets

Reaching the end of the mission, the last collectible Codex Entry: The Betrayer will be found near the exit next to the jump pad.

Doom Eternal Exultia secrets

There you go gamers. Hope you found all information you were looking for to find the Doom Eternal Exultia secrets.

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