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Project Qt is an adult-oriented video game developed by xDNA and published by Natuko on 3 December 2020. Project QT is free to play android game with puzzle game mechanics with exciting RPG combat, different upgradable heroes, and a lot of adult content.

In this article, we will talk about some basics and some of the characters in Project QT. This article will detail the game Project QT, so read this article entirely to understand how this sexy game works.

About Project QT

project qt - Gamestanza

Project QT is one of the sexiest games that are currently available in the market right now. It is free to play an android game, which sadly cannot be downloaded from the play store, so you need to download it from a third-party website.

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The starting of this game begins with an experiment on the black hole in the arctic, which unfortunately opens up a breach, and a terrible type of virus is unleashed, which wiped out humanity. To contain the virus, we need to fight using our best and the most vital characters in-game: the sexy monster girls.

Project QT story line

Project QT - Gamestanza

It has a pure and simple storyline that is based on fiction. The background world develops with science and technology. Humans are increasingly trying to reach beyond the earth – the main motto of the people around the game is Cosmic Black Hole.

According to the game, a black hole experiment in the North Pole was done. Due to which there was an unknowing dimension created which linked to the other end of the world. Where aliens existed! Monster (Beautiful Girls) invade the other part of the world. They started to destroy the world and became the reason for huge chaos. In this situation, some beautiful girls from the earth team up to save humanity. 

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Project QT Gameplay

Project QT Game review - Gamestanza

Players will need to choose their characters and send them into different battles to complete the levels. The gameplay style is a half screen animation and a half screen puzzle-based. On the first half of the screen, you will be able to see your crews and the enemy team in a face-off way, and on the next half of the screen is a puzzle-based board where you need to connect the same type of colors and make a great combination to make your character attack with more hitpoints.

Any fighter you have chosen begins with a 1-star ranking and can be upgraded up to 5-star. Successive upgrades in their rating reveal powers and unlocks some saucy adult scenes for players to enjoy. In short, the game has more than 100 animated Adult scenes.

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Beautiful Monster Girls

project qt
Credits: The APK Point

The most attractive feature of this game is to team up with beautiful girls and save humanity. When you defeat the enemies, you can collect the enemy monster for further use in the game. The enemies are divided into different groups so that they can invade the earth rapidly. Each enemy troop has a commander; if you defeat her, you can keep her for further battles. All the defeated monsters are added as prisoners, and you can use them further.

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Events in Project QT

Project QT game review - Gamestanza

Any enemy warriors or any good warriors needed to be summoned to get the most out of the game. You need to create a strong team that will save up humanity. The event is constantly taking turns, so you can play all day without getting bored.

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Graphics and Sound Quality

MOD apk - Gamestanza

The graphics of Project QT is one of the best Anime based graphic games. The characters are designed with chibi styles, which look beautiful, cute, and chubby. However, only during the battle are the characters displayed by chibi graphics, but the mangaka’s skilled drawing often depicts the characters.

Coming to the Sound quality, The voices of the characters are so cute that you might fall in love with them. They are cute and charming.

Download Project QT MOD Apk

We have a few sites where you can download the game, and that too in the most updated version. You have to download it in Apk mode, as it is not available on the google play store or iOS store.

  • apkmody
  • moddroid


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