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With the advancement of technology, there has been an advancement in online games. More and more people are getting attracted to online games. So online games need to advance, so we have GTA 5, the best and the most advanced game to date. Games like these provide you with different features. One of them is these GTA 5 events. There are a total of 57 random GTA 5 events ( 60 in the enhanced version), and the surprising thing is that completing any 14 of these contribute to 100% completion.

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Random GTA 5 Events


So, random events are the special missions that can occur only by the help of three main characters. I already mentioned that there are a total of 57 random events. So, let’s see in brief what are these events:

  • ATM Robberies
  • Bus Tour
  • Construction Accident
  • Gang Intimidation
  • Security Van Heists
  • Drug Shootout

and many more are there. But wait, I forgot to tell what actually are events. So events are periodic days during which some discounts and bonuses are offered in GRAND THEFT AUTO. Events were first seen after the release of III-GOTTEN GRAINS Part 2 update and then they became an important part  of GTA Online.

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More About Events

So, there are many type of events, they are:

  1. Weekly Events
  2. Holiday/Themed Events
  3. Special Events

Let’s talk some more about these GTA 5 events

  • Weekly Events release vehicles that were added in the update but not officially available. The Import/Export, Executives and other Criminals, Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, Gunrunning and Smuggler’s Run updates are most important examples of updates. Weekly Events start from Tuesday and may last for one week, but they may last for up to two weeks in rare cases.
  • Holiday/Themed Events  re-release themed content such as the one in Valentine’s Day Massacre Special, Festive Surprise, Halloween Surprise and many more. This content is available only during holiday event.
  • Special Events are hosted to celebrate the release of an update. There was an Event called Anniversary Specials which happened around the time of Halloween Specials 2017.

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