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Do you love RPG games and love to have a game where you will be dealing with hot and beautiful girls? Well, you are in the right place! Today, we are here with a game, Booty farm, a game where you will be role-playing a handsome guy, and he will go through some situations where he has to move to a place full of beautiful girls. In this article, we will cover all the aspects of this game, and we will provide a download link for you.

Booty Farm

Booty famrs game review - Gamestanza

If you are into this genre of games, you are probably familiar with Nutaku, a Japanese publisher that develops NSFW contents and adult simulation games. We have shared one of the most famous games from Nutaku before; My neighbor is a yandere!? 

Nutaku’s games have some unique visuals and storyline, but this is not for children – although you might get a hand of it, it’s fine. This is what life is. It is not available on Google Play. It would be best if you considered it before downloading.

Story plot of Booty Farm

Booty Farm Game review - Gamestanza

This game is in perception from a Handsome guy, which you will be handling. A young man living in a luxurious and magnificent city. This story will revolve around a handsome boy, where he is handed over a large farm to take care of by his beloved uncle. In a big city where he was a complete playboy, he had no idea how to handle the farm and any other farming skill. The moment he was about to sell the farm and play with the money, a beautiful assistant of hers introduces a beautiful and seductive girl who will assist you the whole game. Mindy, the beautiful and seductive girl who is your assistant in the game – also narrates many stories of the village.

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Although it seems to have an old town road and music theme kind of a thing, the story goes around the village. But nothing goes like that, and the village is full of beautiful girls who are lonely due to fewer men in the village. And by our protagonist – that is you- are intrigued by what the assistant tells. The protagonists’ mind changes over the story, and he decides not to return to the city and enjoy his life in the village over taking care of the farm given by his beloved uncle. 

With such a short story among beautiful girls, won’t you be interested in playing this game? All the choices you make will affect the story of your game.

Booty Farm Gameplay

Booty farm v6.9 Mod apk - Gamestanza

Being a visual novel game, the story revolves around a handsome protagonist, whom you will be handling, going through a tough time handling the village farm given by his beloved uncle. He comes across a lot of decisions and choices to make. That is how the story moves forward. The gameplay of this game has many aspects; it has an RPG genre to it as a classic farm game.

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The basics of this game: growing your farm and flirting with beautiful girls. You have to be involved in all kinds of farm upgrading chores. From growing your farm to taking care of your plants and sowing regularly. You will be setting up a factory to produce pet food from the crops you have harvested. 

Booty Farm game review - Gamestanza

Well, farm work is secondary; flirting with the village girls was the primary reason why you left the city to be here. They have a keen knowledge of farming, animals, and maintaining the farm. Apart from helping on the farm, you would love to have time with these beautiful girls, right? Then, how to date these beautiful girls? According to the game storyline, you’ll have to sell agricultural products and pet foods to talk to these beautiful girls around the village. The beautiful assistant, Mindy, will also be there to help you around with this task. In every conversation with a girl, choices will further affect your story, so be aware of that. They will ask you questions to flirt, and a clever answer will make them admire you, or you might get a glimpse of their hotness. 

Booty farm - Gamestanza


When you start the game, you will find Mindy: Your assistant, and Stella, a neighbor girl. Stella is a cute, lusty, and beautiful girl. She lives with her father, who is a strict man; she will always forbid everything. Try to gather as much information from her and proceed with the story accordingly.

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Graphics of the game

Booty Farm - Gamestanza

The graphic of the Booty Farm is pretty neutral; I mean, they have done a good job enhancing the features of a girl and other farming things. The most important thing to have a focus on are the girls. Well, Nutaku games are the best in defining girls’ graphic. Their finish and design in animating a girl is a way of the chart. That is what we get to see in this game. The colors, images, and scenery of the game are bright, harmonious, and vivid. 

Besides the graphics, the sound quality of the game is top-notch. You will fall in love with the sound of the girl. It is so cute that you might not want to get out of the game.

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System Requirements

Booty Farm - Gamestanza

  • This is a mobile game, so wont need a high-end mobile phone.
  • A simple androind or iOS will do.
  • This game supports both Android and iOS, which is a big plus point.


In in the end i would say that Booty Farm is a sweet and cute story to play, along with beautiful girls who wants to flirt with you. You will have a nice time playing the game and have a nice experience from it.

Download the game from the links below:

  • You can download from: Moddroid .
  • Or download from: apkmody


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