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It’s been four years since Pokemon Go was released, and if you have been busy catching Pokemons, you might have wanted to catch the rarest of them. Some of the rare and difficult to catch pokemon are the Shiny ones. So here’s the guide to catch one of the Shiny Pokemon – The Shiny Seel.

Shiny Seel Pokemon Go - Gamestanza

Recently, Pokemon Go announced an all-new ticketed event, called Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto Event, at the 25th Anniversary of Pokemon.

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Pokemon GO Tour : Kanto Event

All the 150 original Pokemon of the Kanto region will be shiny when a player tries to catch it, thanks to the ticketed event, which goes live on 20th Feb 2021.


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About Shiny Seel Pokemon Go

Shiny Seel Pokemon Go - Gamestanza

  • Shiny form of the Seel was released with the change of Field research on May 1, 2019.
  • It is the shiny form of the water-type pokemon Seel from the Kanto region.
  • It evolves to Dewgong when fed with 50 Seel candies.
  • A Shiny Seel ultimatelty evolves to Dewgong which is also shiny if the Seel was shiny.

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How to catch a Shiny Seel?

Shiny Seel Pokemon Go - Gamestanza

  • A Shiny Seel can be found and caught randomly in the wild just like a normal Seel, but the chances of getting a shiny pokemon are very less, around 1 in 450 pokemon.
  • If you are lucky, you can get a Shiny Seel by hatching 5km eggs.
  • But if you seriously want the pokemon, try to get it during the kalos event Tour as all the Kanto region it will be there in the event.



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