When is the Fortnite Season Ending? – When will the New Season Begin? : Fortnite

    Although, there is one question by the players of Fortnite that when this season 5 will end? Also, they are sincerely concerned with the inception of season 6 of Fortnite. Unfortunately, there is no official update on this matter by Epic. Maybe they are planning some astonishing things for the players. As if now, there is no certain conclusion. Check the complete article for more information.

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    Ending of Season 5 of Fortnite

    Initially, the final day to complete all the challenges in season 5 is 15th March. Also, maybe the season end in the midnight. And so do the next season begin. However, Epic has already announced the date of season 6 through their Twitter account. Further, Epic has never announced any special information until it reach its limits. And the same is happening in the launch of season 6. Maybe they update two or four hours before the season 6 begins.

    Moreover, there were some updates that in this new season players will go through some amazing changes in the map. Also, season five of Fortnite had brought up a complete range of collaborations, events, cosmetics and many more things.

    However, it is confirmed that the season five will end on 15th March. But it is to be noted, that there were some major delays in weekly challenges and in other certain events by Epic in this season. Also, Epic stated that there will be no delay in season 6 or any of the challenges.

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    When will Season 6 Begin?

    Epic games have confirmed that the season 6 will begin on 16th March. Hopefully, there will no delay in this initial date. However, nothing can be assured. One of the most interesting fact of this season is, it will begin with Zero Crisis Finale. Also, it will be available for all the players for the first time when they initially enter the new season. Furthermore, the exact time of release of season6 will be announced shortly. However, as said earlier, the downtime have always become a major loophole to start a new season.

    When is the Fortnite Season Ending? - When will the New Season Begin? : Fortnite

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    Zero Crisis Finale

    Unlike all other endings, this new season will begin with the zero crisis finale. It will be a solo game for the players. In addition, Epic games have also promised the players to feature the most ambitious story cinematic yet in this event.

    All you can do is to wait till the official announcement of season 6. Till then stay tuned to Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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