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Cyberpunk 2077 is Humongous. Granted, it is one of the most prominent games to release in 2020. It has numerous distinct end-game missions and potential finishes. The game is complex to cap off V’s Night City ride, and the players are bound during their playthroughs to skip stuff. There are 6 different endings in this game and this article is about the Secret Ending of Cyberpunk 2077.

Secret Ending of Cyberpunk 2077

Succeeding the missions depends on some of the choices you make during the game and which characters you choose aid. But there is one thing that you might not know about… The Secret Ending of Cyberpunk 2077 and how to unlock it. Not to worry, that’s what we are here, for guiding you into the gaming world.

This ending demands precise choices to be made throughout the journey to reach the ultimate fancied target. Are you ready to know the secrets about reaching the coveted Secret Ending in Cyberpunk 2077? (Warning, spoilers ahead!)

Preceding Conditions 

There are two ending scenarios in Cyberpunk 2077. One has you going along with the scheme of Hanako Arasaka (which is detested by Johnny Silverhand), and the other has V committing hara-kiri. 

You will want to finish the game before you seek an ambiguous ending. A little more background and plot elements are brought by the secret ending, which the players should be rewarded with the ending since they have been looking for it from the very beginning.

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Now, let’s talk about the Secret Ending of Cyberpunk 2077. 

For the secret ending mission, “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” only if you fulfill the above conditions, it’ll lead to unlocking your goal:

  •  Cultivating a good relationship with Jhonny Silverhand (AKA Avatar of Keanu Reeves) is important. Reaching Nocture OP55N1, You will find Johnny. Now you must head over to the ‘You Only Live Once’ section to see your relationship level. A supportive and positive conversation is key to maintain here.

Jhonny Silverhand


  •  Towards the ending of the game, look back and forth between Johnny and the gun without initiating any dialogue for about five minutes; (awkward, right?). All this is for your sake of winning, of course. This silence will prevail Jonny to speak about doing the mission solo himself; it will lead to the secret ending path.  
  • Be extra prepared to pull the mission from here because you will be rushing here on. Rogue and Panam/the Aldecaldos won’t be around to aid you in this solo sprint. You have to battle high-level Arasaka goons, Adam Smasher yourself, so be equipped with elite gear and as many talents as possible. That makes this one of the game’s toughest missions. What’s more, is that the credits will roll if you die here. 
  • Managed to pass the above? BRAVO! Don’t force yourself if you weren’t able to get here at your trial, and it’s a hardcore game after all. At this stage, you will get the Path of Glory epilogue, which is also obtained at another end. 


Cyberpunk 2077  game has a few glitches and bugs that can ruin the player’s experience a little, although the game has received positive reviews because of the environment, plot, and characters. Night City, however, will be a famous place that players will want to return to from time to time.

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