Batman Fortnite zero point – Fortnite in Crossover with Batman comic series! : Fortnite

Fortnite is proceeding with its procession of hybrids this season. Yet this time, it’s going external the game for a major one. Epic is teaming up with DC once more for another six issue Fortnite X Batman comic miniseries that dispatches April 20. And players will actually want to catch codes from the issues that will get them both a New Rebirth Harley Quinn skin and an Armored Batman skin.

Batman Fortnite zero point

Batman Fortnite zero point - Fortnite in Crossover with Batman comic series! : Fortnite

These might be styles for old skins, as the characters appeared on the cover, Batman, Harley Quin. And Catwoman, have just been sold in Fortnite beforehand. Batman and Catwoman for his commemoration occasion (Gotham City was in the game for a brief period as well.) And Harley Quinn came around when Birds Of Prey was out. Joker and Poison Ivy were sold in a pack a year ago.

Essentially, Batman is attempting to address the secret of the Zero Point. The gleaming, universe-interfacing sphere presently attracting different marked characters to Fortnite like TRON, Predator, Terminator and Ryu and Chun-Li. Here’s additional:

The initial three will presumably get back to the store for this. Getting the main issue of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point. It will get you Harley Quinn. Each of the six issues will get you Armored Batman through a code.

Fortnite in Crossover with Batman comic series!

Batman Fortnite zero point - Fortnite in Crossover with Batman comic series! : Fortnite

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point uncovers insider facts at no other time uncovered in game or elsewhere. Each devotee of Batman, Fortnite, staggering workmanship and edge-of-your-seat energy will not have any desir. To miss the Caped Crusader going head to head against Fortnite champions on the Island. In a urgent endeavor to save himself, yet other natural countenances from the DCU… and maybe the Multiverse itself!”

This all infers Fortnite’s Zero Point adventure will be going on long into the spring, however maybe this Batman occasion will really end it, and I would not be shocked to see the comic get over with some in-game occasion as it were.

DC and Marvel have been fighting it out to see who can do the most Fortnite coordinated efforts. Wonder is most likely ahead, as they just had a whole themed season to themselves, yet DC has unloaded a truckload of characters in the game across a few occasions, and now they’re doing this excellent Batman thought.

Sounds fun, inquisitive to see all the new skins and more details. More to come.

For more such updates, stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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