Broken Bell World of Warcraft – All the Location of the Broken Bell : World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has to be a captivating game since its release. Many celebrities have also enjoyed the game, which otherwise made it a popular one. Further, the game has many objects, some minor things to be earned by the players. Moreover, Broken Bell is just another object, which the players have to acquire in this game. Check the complete article to know more about it.

Broken Bell World of Warcraft

A Broken bell is one of the objects in the game World of Warcraft. Further, it can be found in Bastion. The interesting fact about this treasure is its location. Further, this means that it has more than one location. There are a  total of three locations of the broken bell in the Bastion.

The foremost location of a broken bell in Bastion is in The Golden Pasture. Similarly, the second location is in Purity’s Pinnacle. And lastly, the final location is in the Temple of courage. It is obvious from the above-mentioned fact that all of these three locations will have different coordinates. Further, all the exact locations of the broken bell object have been explained down below.

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1. The Golden Pasture

The foremost thing which you need to do is to zoom out the area between Hero’s Rest and Temple of Humility on the map. You will be exactly directed towards the broken bell symbol. After then, as soon as you enter the game. You have to move downwards where you will find a cave. Now, as you have reached the cave, take your entry into the giant cave and once you enter the cave,  proceed in your right-hand direction. The broken bell will soon be visible to you. Furthermore, the coordinates are 57.75 41.96 for the cave entrance and 57.60 40.57 for the broken bell.

Broken Bell World of Warcraft - All the Location of the Broken Bell : World of Warcraft

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2. Purity’s Pinnacle

Check for the area near purity’s pinnacle, and you will be clearly directed towards the broken bell. Now, as you begin the game, move in your right-hand direction. As you move a bit further, you will soon observe a broken bell that is stuck on the top of the hill.  Moreover, the coordinates are 58.34 66.30.

Broken Bell World of Warcraft - All the Location of the Broken Bell : World of Warcraft

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3. Temple of Courage

As you jump in the main game, move in the north direction. Further, proceed in the north direction of the Necrotic Wake Dungeon. You will find the broken bell in the corner of the hill. Furthermore, the coordinates are 39.81 47.29 for path start and 42.83 47.97 for the broken bell. 

Broken Bell World of Warcraft - All the Location of the Broken Bell : World of Warcraft

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Broken Bell World of Warcraft. To get all the latest updates on World of Warcraft, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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